Borderlands 3: How to Access Bloody Harvest Event

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The first major seasonal event for Borderlands 3 is now underway. This event is a classic for fans of the series as it is called Bloody Harvest. As the name suggests this seasonal event is all about Halloween. So how do you start this new event in Borderlands 3? Well I’m glad you asked. Check out our how to access Bloody Harvest event guide below.

How to Get to Heck Steps:

  1. Download update.
  2. Have Access to/Reach Sanctuary III.
  3. Speak to NPC Maurice.
  4. Collect Hecktoplasm for Maurice from Haunted enemies around the galaxy.
  5. Give Maurice Hecktoplasm.
  6. Go through Portal to Heck.

Reach Sanctuary III

Image showing the new NPC called Maurice.

For starters you need to have a character that has reached Sanctuary III. This hub area that is accessed near the start of the game is now home to a new NPC called Maurice who will be your guide to seasonal events. If you don’t have access to Sanctuary III, get to it. Without access you can’t play the new seasonal event.

Collect 25 Hecktoplasm For NPC Maurice

Image showing a Haunted Enemy type in Borderlands 3.

On Sanctuary III you will notice a new NPC called Maurice next to the Mayhem alter. This NPC is centered on all things seasonal events. Speak to Maurice to learn how to get to Heck.

Basically Maurice wants you to collect 25 Hecktoplasm from Haunted enemies throughout the Galaxy. Haunted enemies are new seasonal enemy types which replace some traditional enemies. These new enemy variants have glowing eyes and can inflict the new Terror effect on players. There are two types of Haunted Enemies: Green or Red (Red being Badass). If you see any Green or Red glowing enemies kill them then kill the ghost that appears. The ghosts drop the Hecktoplasm. Once you’ve collected the Hecktoplasm return to Maurice.

Go Through Portal to Heck

Upon delivery of the Hecktoplasm to Maurice the friendly Saurian will open a portal you can use to transport to the new area called Heck. On Heck you will fight new Halloween themed enemies including a new boss called Captain Haunt. You will also be able to unlock a slew of new Halloween cosmetics. Good luck and Happy Halloween.

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