Borderlands 3: The Show Me the Eridium Event is Now Live

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Borderlands 3 is in the midst of running a number of special events in honor of the series anniversary. These events aim to reward players for playing the game. The current event, Show Me the Eridium is now live. Let’s take a closer look at what exactly this event is all about.

What’s Special About the Eridium Event?

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The Eridium Event which is currently running increases the drop rate of Eridium on all enemies types. Alongside this improvement in drops, Eridium Items are getting discounts. This means that Crazy Earl’s inventory is on discount which means now is a perfect time to farm cosmetic items if you don’t have them all.

If you do have all the cosmetics, this event may be useful if you wish to farm legendaries using the Eridian Fabricator, or to stock up for the inevitable cosmetic drops I expect Gearbox to shower on us in the coming months. Regardless you have until October 22nd to participate in this event. On October 22nd a new event will occur with emphasis on Twitch.

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