Battlefield V Reveal Stream Announcements, Series Headed Back to WWII

Last week, EA teased gamers with a quick an Easter egg about the the next installment of Battlefield. The Easter ultimately led to a website with a countdown to May 23. If you’ve looked at the calender, you may have noticed that today is May 23rd. Below are all the Battlefield V reveal stream announcements made today.

Battlefield V Reveal Steam

Hosted by Trevor Noah, the Battlefield V reveal stream was held in London in front of a live studio audience. The format of the reveal was largely interview based with members of the development team sitting down to speak with Trevor Noah. During the reveal, they announced the game’s release date which is October 19th. Preordering now gets players access to early access beta.

Battlefield V Reveal Information

Battlefield V is set in World War II. Dice says the reason for this is that they believe they can deliver a unique WWII experience which has yet to be explored in media.


  • Reworked movement as you can see in the reveal trailer.
  • New modes and experiences.
  • Operations will be coming back now called Grand Operations. Grand Operations will follow the format of Operations, but will be set over four days of battles with different modes on each day.
  • Co-Op mode will be coming back. The mode will be called Combined Arms.
  •  War Stories will return. Each story will highlight a range of people from different nations and backgrounds.

Weapons & Vehicles

  • You will get to fly iconic airplanes.
  • New Vehicles and Weapons. Tiger I tank was the only vehicle mentioned, but expect there to be a number of vehicles at your disposal.
  • New Fortification system which utilizes the Toolbox. Using the Toolbox (which replaces the gas mask), players are able to build new structures or reinforce structures.
  • There is a new calibre system which means weapons will do different environmental damage.

The Company

  • Heart and soul of the individual player experience.
  • Basically a way to create different loadouts you can pull from during the game.
  • In The Company you are able to create your own soldiers, equip the gear they wear, weapon paint jobs, loadouts, and vehicles.
  • No pay to win including no more premium pass. Maps and new modes will be released for free.

Tides of War

  • No expansion pass, meaning everyone gets access to new content when it releases.
  • Launch is just the beginning of the journey. Dice will be continually adding to Battlefield V so players can expect there to be a lot of content over its lifecycle.

That was about all they revealed so far. It appears that DIce will be ramping up what they show off in the coming months leading up to the game’s October 19 release date.

Having covered both the COD and Battlefield V reveals, I have to say this reveal was a bit underwhelming compared to what COD revealed. I was also shocked there was no indication of a Battle Royale mode.

What did you think of the Battlefield V reveal stream announcements? Let me know in The Pit below.


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