Treasure Map Locations in Kingdom Come Deliverance (All Treasure Maps from I – XXV)

If you read my earlier Ancient Maps post, you will recognize how the treasure maps work. Basically treasure maps are similar to the DLC’s Ancient Maps, as they depict locations throughout the world in crude drawings. These maps can be purchased from vendors, or found throughout the world, but are not necessarily needed, as each cache is persistent (appears in all games at the same spot). These chests are full of usually high priced items and gear which can give you a nice boost. Below you will find all 25 Treasure Map locations in Kingdom Come Deliverance.

Note(s): Chests contain a large number of items, which means being as light as possible before reaching them is a good idea. You will also want to bring along lockpicks. Wayfarers appear to be random, but I’ve included the ones I got my maps from just in case. Also note that this guide is now complete (features the locations of all 25 treasure maps in Kingdom Come: Deliverance).

All Treasure Map Locations


Treasure Map I - Cave

Clue Map:

Found: In the barn rafters of the house at the river crossing between the Monastery and Ledetchko.

Bring: Lockpicks (Chest is Hard)

Location: From the Monastery, head northwest into the field between the two roads (should be a camp near the forest’s edge). Head northwest of the camp into the forest and you will find a ‘cave‘ (two old buildings). Go into the building on the left (west side) and there is a ladder you can use to go down. Inside the cave you will find a Hard chest.

Treasure Map II - Grave

Clue Map: 

Found: Inside the Monastery on a bedside table. The room can be found on on the second floor above the Monastery’s south gate.

Bring: Spade

Location: Leave the Monastery through the west gate and ride west until reach a camp on the banks of the river. Head north from the camp and you should come across a dead tree. Near the dead tree is the grave.

Treasure Map III - Old Cabin

Clue Map: 

Vendor: Fresco Master (Sasau Inn) – 102.4 Groschen

Bring: Lockpick (Chest is Very Hard)

Location: From the Monastery, head west to the river. Cross over the river and head southwest up the hill until you find an old cabin. On the south side of the cabin will find the chest with items inside. See gallery for exact location.

Treasure Map IV - Door in Hillside

Clue Map: 

Vendor: Brother Nicodemus (Monastery) – 93.2 Groschen

Bring: Lockpick (Chest is Very Hard)

Location: Head east from Ledetchko along the river bank. Head past the camp and follow the bend. Make your way up the hillside and into the forest until you find what appears to be a door inside the hill. Inside this room is a chest.

Treasure Map V - Old Well

Clue Map: 

Vendor: Miller Woyzeck (East of Ledetchko) – 90.6 Groschen

Location: To the southeast of Merhojed there is an old well on the banks of a river. Inside this well is a sack filled with items. See map for exact location.

Treasure Map VI - Interesting Site

Treasure Map VI – Interesting Site

Clue Map:

Vendor: Wayfarer with hat and beard (Fast Travelling between Monastery and Rovna) – 100 Groschen

Bring: Lockpicks (Chest Hard)

Location: Head to Ledetchko and leave the on the north path along the river. Cross the river at the path head east into the forest. Follow the path until you eventually reach an interesting site. Here you will find a chest (Hard)

Treasure Map VII - Woodland Garden

Treasure Map VII – Woodland Garden (Chest)

Clue Map: 

Found: In the Monastery’s Library on the North side are a stack of books. On this stack you will find the map. (Thanks torazoul)

Bring: Lockpicks (chest is Easy)

Location: In the forest to the northwest of Ledetchko is a Woodland Garden. Beneath the tree in this garden is a chest. Open it to find your rewards.

Treasure Map VIII - Interesting Site

Treasure Map VIII – Interesting Site

Clue Map: 

Found: Head to the top area inside the windmill to the northwest of Uzhitz. Here you will find the map clue.

Bring: Nothing (sack)

Location:  Head to the southeast of Ledetchko until you reach an interesting site. At the base of the tree here, you will find a sack with numerous items inside.

Treasure Map IX - Bridge

Clue Map: 

Found: Inside a hut to the northwest of Skalitz. Go inside the hut and the map will be on the table.

Bring: Nothing (chest is unlocked)

Location: On the south end (down a gully) of the stone bridge to the south of Skalitz is a chest. Inside the chest are a number of items. 

Treasure Map X - Grave

Clue Map: 

Vendor: Inn in the Glade – Chest (Easy lock) inside shed at northeast corner of complex. (Thanks Kris)

Bring: Shovel

Location: Head south out of Ledetchko and follow the road as it head southwest. Pass the camp and head north down a hill until you find a grave.

Treasure Map XI - Mine

Clue Map: 

Vendor: Votava (Talmberg) – 110.2 Groschen

Location: Along the river bank to the west of Ledetchko you will find a mine. Inside the mine is a sack with items inside. See picture above for exact location.

Treasure Map XII - Old Cabin

Clue Map: 

Vendor: Miller Peshek (Rattay Mill) – 84 Groschen

Bring: Lockpicks

Location: You will find the treasure inside on old cabin in the woods to the southeast of Rattay. Inside the old cabin is a locked chest. Inside the chest is your reward. See pictures above for exact location.

Treasure Map XIII - House

Clue Map: 

Vendor: Herbalist (Neuhof) – 104.5 Groschen

Bring: Lockpick (Chest is Easy)

Location: To the southeast of Neuhof a fair distance, you is an accident along a cliffside. Inside the house here you will find a chest with treasure in it.

Treasure Map XIV - Grave

Clue Map: 

Vendor: Wayfarer without hat (Fast Travelling North from Rattay) – 80 Gorschen

Bring: Spade

Location: Head to Neuhof and make your way southeast to where the river branches into a y. Near this area is a grove of trees and a grave. In the grave is a sack. Inside the sack is your treasure.

Treasure Map XV - Small Alcove

Clue Map: 

Found: Inside Tobias Fayfar’s room on top of bookshelf in same building as Sir Radzig (Rattay)

Bring: Spade

Location: To the west of Neuhof is a river. Along this river on the upper banks are some stairs that lead to a small alcove. Inside the alcove is a spot to dig. Dig to reveal a box filled with items.

Treasure Map XVI - Grave

Clue Map: 

Vendor: Herbalist (Samopesh) – 113 Groschen

Bring: Spade

Location: Head directly west of Merhojed until you reach a large river. Cross the river and look to the north shore area for a white birch. Beside the white birch is a grave. Inside the grave are items.

Treasure Map XVII - Grave

Clue Map: 

Vendor: Huntsman Berthold (Rattay) – 93.9 Groschen

Bring: Spade

Location: Along the river to the southwest of Rovna is an old house. Behind the house (outside the fence) is a grave . Inside the grave is a container with items inside.

Treasure Map XVIII - Interesting Site

Clue Map: 

Vendor: Huntsman Nicholas (Talmberg) – 82.5 Gorschen

Bring: Lockpick (Chest is Easy)

Location: Across the lake to the east of the bathhouses in Talmberg you will find an interesting area with a poacher in it. The chest here has your treasure in it.

Treasure Map XIX - Grave

Clue Map: 

Vendor: Wayfarer

Bring: Spade

Location: On the southwest island on the river to the south of the monastery and north of Sasau. Look for a large tree on the island and beside it you will find the grave.

Treasure Map XX - Chest Beneath Tree

Treasure Map XX – Chest

Clue Map: 

Vendor: Charltan the Herbalist (can be found in the Sasau Tavern) for 100 Groschen. Thank you Zach.

Bring: Lockpick (Chest is Easy)

Location: Along the river to the north of Skalitz are a few trees. Beneath one of the trees is a chest. Inside the chest are is your treasure.

Treasure Map XXI - Cave

Clue Map: 

Found: Shed to the southwest of Skalitz . Look for a camp area and there is a shed nearby with the treasure map on a barrel (may need to jump onto barrel to grab) inside.

Bring: Lockpick (Chest is Very Hard)

Location: Head to the cave system located to the southwest of Skalitz. Head inside the lower cave and take the first left. Follow this tunnel until you reach a room with a number of ladders going up. Go up the ladders, and continue until you reach a single ladder up and a chest. The chest has your treasure inside.

Treasure Map XXII - Old Shack

Clue Map: 

Found: On a shelf along the south wall in the living quarters of the Bailiff in Rattay. This map is incredibly difficult to get as there are multiple locked hard to very hard doors in your way.

Bring: Nothing (sack)

Location: Follow the river to the southwest of Vranik until it runs dry. Head north across the road and into the forest here. You will come across an interesting site here (old shack). Beside the shack is a sack filled with items.

Treasure Map XXIII - Cave

Found: Bauer’s Farm to the east of Talmberg (go here for the Waldensian’s quest). Enter the house from the ladder on the southside to reach the attack. Look along the east side of the attic for a barrel. On the barrel is the map.

Bring: Nothing (Sack)

Location: Head north of Skalitz until you reach an interesting site (close to edge of map). This interesting site is a cave. Go inside and you will find a sack with items inside it.

Treasure Map XXIV - Grave

Clue Map: 

Vendor: Wayfarer – 80 Gorschen

Bring: Spade

Location: Head to Skalitz and make your way slightly to the northeast through the large open field. Along the tree line you will find a grave. This grave has your treasure inside it.

Treasure Map XXV - Grave

Treasure Map XXV – Grave

Clue Map: 

Found: Inside the cellar of the tavern just outside the upper gates of Rattay. Go into the cellar and it is on top of a barrel on the south wall.

Bring:  Spade

Location: Follow the river to the west of Skalitz and then make your way north along the trail. Head up the trail past the cross and make your way into the woods. Here you will find a grave. Dig the grave up to access your treasure.

Collecting treasure from any of these 25 treasure maps is a great way to improve your equipment and also increase your coin purse. Use your new found wealth to purchase lockpicks or even a better horse.

This concludes our guide of all 25 treasure map locations in Kingdom Come: Deliverance. If you spend the time collecting the loot found inside these chests, you will have an advantage both financially as well as with improved equipment. I highly recommend spending the time collecting the various treasures.

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This concludes this Treasure Map locations guide. Anything to add? Let me know in The Pit below.


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10 Responses

  1. Cross says:

    If anyone is looking for a quick reference of near town/fast travel locations to start heading for the maps above here’s something (for use with the guide above) I took a couple minutes to rough out.

    Treasure Map I – Cave (Samopesh)
    Treasure Map II – Grave (Samopesh)
    Treasure Map III – Old Cabin (Samopesh)
    Treasure Map IV – Door in Hillside (Ledetchko)
    Treasure Map V – Old Well (Samopesh/Ledetchko)
    Treasure Map VI – Interesting Site (Ledetchko)
    Treasure Map VII – Woodland Garden (Ledetchko)
    Treasure Map VIII – Interesting Site (Ledetchko)
    Treasure Map IX – Bridge (Skalitz)
    Treasure Map X – Grave (Ledetchko)
    Treasure Map XI – Mine (Ledetchko)
    Treasure Map XII – Old Cabin (Rattay)
    Treasure Map XIII – House (Rattay)
    Treasure Map XIV – Grave (Neuhof)
    Treasure Map XV – Small Alcove (Ledetchko/Neuhof)
    Treasure Map XVI – Grave (Samopesh)
    Treasure Map XVII – Grave (Samopesh)
    Treasure Map XVIII – Interesting Site (Talmberg)
    Treasure Map XIX – Grave (Sasau)
    Treasure Map XX – Chest Beneath Tree (Skalitz)
    Treasure Map XXI – Cave (Skalitz)
    Treasure Map XXII – Old Shack (Vranik)
    Treasure Map XXIII – Cave (Skalitz)
    Treasure Map XXIV – Grave (Skalitz)
    Treasure Map XXV – Grave (Skalitz)

  2. torazoul says:

    Treasure Map VII is in the Monastery Library. Located lying on a book stack in the center of north wall of the room.

  3. zach says:

    I found treasure map xx it is bought from the charlatan in sasau (near the trader stalls in the market) he also trains pickpocket/alchemy. The end Location is just north of skalitz (easy locked chest) if you look at the map there is a small paddock right next to the Skalitz banner naming the town just go from the tree in it to the very next tree above it which will be adjacent to the thickest portion of the river. chest is next to the trunk

  4. Keith says:

    Found Treasure Map 1 – It is at the Miller’s in Budin (little unnamed burb) where the captured Cumin is located. If you go into the Mill, up the stairs, up the ladder and across the rickety planks, there is the map on top of a barrel. You follow it to a burnt house in the woods north and west of Sasau. I have screen shots of most of it…. 🙂

  5. Kris says:

    Treasure map X is behind the Inn in the glade. Left side, small hut in a locked box.

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