How to Access Kingdom Come Deliverance DLC Armor

How to Access Kingdom Come Deliverance DLC Armor

If you preordered or backed Kingdom Come Deliverance, you will have some tasty preorder DLC items waiting for you. These items are part of the “Treasures of the Past” pack which gives you maps that lead to unique, new armor for main character Henry. In this article, we will show you how to access Kingdom Come Deliverance DLC armor, by following the maps. Let’s get started.

Note(s): If you go to collect these items, be as light in inventory weight as possible as the items are quite heavy. Also note as pointed out by Joseph in the comments, be sure to bring a spade to dig up the graves.

Complete Quest “Homecoming”

Before you can access any of the DLC treasure maps, you need to progress through the story. You need to complete the quest “Homecoming” which is about two hours into the game. Once this quest is complete, you will wake up in the Rattay Mill with Theresa. Here there is a trunk with your belongs inside. In this trunk you will find the DLC maps (click links to see image of clue maps):

Grab the maps before heading out, and we can begin to collect the preorder DLC armor sets.

Ancient Map 1 – Grave

Bring: Spade

The Ancient Map 1 leads you to a grave slightly SE of Neuhof and slightly NE of Rattay (see picture for exact location), inside the forest. Once dug up, the grave has a sack inside it. Inside the sack is:

  • 1x Decorated riding boots
  • 1x German bascinet (helmet)
  • 217.8 x Groschen
  • 1x Lucky playing die
  • 1x Silver ring
  • 1x Stinger (sword)
  • Warhorse pauldrons
  • Warhorse waffenrock

Ancient Map 2 – Mine

The Ancient Map 2 leads you to a mine located in the lower west/southwest corner of the world. Look for the big rock in the forest to find the mine’s exact location (see picture above for location). Inside the mine you will find a sack filled with these dlc items:

  • 1x Ash Longbow
  • 1x Decorated German bascinet (helmet)
  • 1x Fashionable slippers
  • 308.2x Groschen
  • 1x Heavenly Kingdom die
  • 1x Marathon IV (book)
  • 1x Plate jack dyed (chest piece)
  • 1x Recipe for Artemisia potion
  • 1x Warhorse gambeson chauses (greaves)
  • Warhorse guantlets

Ancient Map 3 – Grave 2

Bring: Spade

The Ancient Map 3 leads you to another grave, but this one is located in the upper northeast corner of the province. The grave you are looking for is beneath a large tree near the windmill in this area. For an exact location, see pictures above. The grave contains a container which has these items in it:

  • 1x Grand bascinet
  • 485.4x Groschen
  • 1x Necklace
  • 1x Nobleman’s boots
  • 1x Nurembergian cuirass
  • 1x Odd die
  • 1x Recipe for Biyoi’s Rage potion
  • 1x Spike warhammer
  • 1x Warhorse coif
  • 1x Warhorse greaves

Ancient Map 4 – Crumbling Stone House

Bring: Lockpick

The Ancient Map 4 leads you to an old, crumbling house to the northwest of Rattay (see gallery). You will need to use the stone ramp on the south side of the house to get inside. Inside the house you will find a chest beside the ramp you used to enter/leave. Lockpick the chest to find the dlc items below:

  • 1x Fashionable slippers
  • 200.9x Groschen
  • 1x Heavy warhammer
  • 1x Lightweight dark brigandine
  • 1x Recipe for Lullaby Potion
  • 1x Silver Ring
  • 1x Strip Die
  • 1x Warhorse Helmet
  • 1x Warhorse shoes

Ancient Map 5 – Deer Hide

Bring: Lockpick (chest is Very Hard – accessible only with high lockpick level)

The last set of DLC items can be found in the upper northwest corner of the province. There is an old deer hide in the middle of nowhere and here you will find the final chest. Inside the chest (courtesy of David in comments), you will find:

  • 1x Dark plate-armour jacket
  • 1x Decorated riding boots
  • 647x Groschen.
  • 1x Lucky Die
  • 1x Recipe for Embrocation
  • 1x The Rule of St. Nicholes 3
  • 1x Warhorse Brigandine
  • 1x Warhorse Hauber
  • 1x Yew Logbow

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Anything else to add to our how to access Kingdom Come Deliverance DLC? Let us know in The Pit below.


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10 responses

  1. Jude says:

    The warhorse armor is actually an item that the player equips, it doesn’t go on the horse. However the name is confusing.

  2. Riley says:

    I’m pretty sure you needed to preorder the game/back the development to get the Warhorse Armor. I’ve looted the ancient treasures and I didn’t find any Warhorse Armor.

  3. Evan Lucas says:

    I went to every chest and didnt get any warhorse armor?

  4. Stephen says:

    Number 5 has a Very Hard lock. Very Hard locks are different from all other locks in the way that you need to have a minimum lockpicking skill to even attempt to open it.

  5. David says:

    In the last chest the a Dark plate-armour jacket, Decorated riding boots, 647 Groschen, Lucky Die, Recipe for Embrocation, The rue of St. Nicholes 3, Warhorse Brigandine, Warhorse Hauberk, Yew Longbow. Hope this helps anyone searching for these

  6. Joseph says:

    You should note that the player needs to bring a spade. Can’t dig up the grave without it.

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