Youtubers Life 2 What is the Hit CyberWare Game Guide

One of the side missions in Youtubers Life 2 is called What is the hit CyberWare game? This side mission tasks players with discovering a game scam that is hurting a number of other Youtubers. This side mission chain contains a special appearance by one of the most popular creators in the world. To help you complete this side mission see our Youtubers Life 2 What is the hit CyberWare Game guide below.

How to Start What is the hit CyberWare Game? Side Mission

You will receive news of this side mission from Xavier. I got the mission on Spring 8, Year 1. When you wake up Xavier will phone you and tell you about the trending CyberWare game that no one really knows much about. To learn more it is suggested that players speak to Blair at Player 1 about the game.

Speak to Blair at Player 1

Once you have the side mission available make your way to Player 1 while it is open. When you enter the store there will be a cutscene featuring you and Blair. During this cutscene Blair will tell you that Player 1 doesn’t sell the game. She then says that the developer must be selling it somewhere else in NewTube City.

Speak to the Salesman and the Salesman Colleague

Following the news your character leaves the store. Standing near the entrance there is a guy in a suit and sunglasses that looks suspicious. Head over to this Salesman and speak to him. The Salesman can’t speak in the open so he invites you to find his colleague in the Port area.

Make your way to the Port location and head to the west of the Lafayette Style Hair Salon. Here you will find an alleyway and the Salesman colleague inside it. Approach the NPC and speak to him. The NPC will ask you if you wish to know more about CyberWare. Choose Yes every time to advance the conversation. The Salesman agrees to give you the game if you can get a YouTuber on board to endorse you.

This starts a new side mission called Searching for a famous YouTuber. This mission features a very notable creator that has over 100 million subscribers in the real world.

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