Youtubers Life 2 Searching For a Famous YouTuber Guide

After you complete the introduction to the CyberWare side mission you will need to find a famous YouTuber to endorse you. This starts a new side mission called Searching for a famous YouTuber. To complete this mission you need to find the YouTuber in the Downtown area and get his endorsement. To help you complete this mission use our Youtubers Life 2 Searching For a Famous YouTuber guide below.

Where is the YouTuber in Downtown?

We don’t get much of a hint on where to find the famous YouTuber besides his general location. The Salesman say he has been seen in the Downtown area. Thankfully for you I’ve found the location. You can find PewDiePie and his dog Maya next to the entrance of Player 1. Approach the duo and you will trigger an interaction. PewDiePie will give you a signed photo to take to the Port Salesman.

Take Photo to Port Salesman

Once you’ve secured the PewDiePie endorsement make your way back to the Port Salesman in the alleyway. Present the photo to him and he will give you a copy of CyberWare for getting a big YouTuber on board.

Receiving a copy of the game completes the side mission. You will unlock the next side mission in the quest chain called The CyberWare Scam. This side mission has you filming a Gameplay video with PewDiePie to reveal the scam.

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