Youtubers Life 2 The CyberWare Scam Guide

Once you’ve secured a copy of the CyberWare game you and PewDiePie will team up to expose it as a fraud. To do this you will need to make a video featuring Pewds. This video exposes the scam and who is behind it. To help you complete the quest see our Youtubers Life 2 The CyberWare Scam guide below.

Film a Video with PewDiePie

Image showing filming a video with PewDiePie in YouTubers Life 2.

After you receive a copy of the game head back to your apartment. When you enter the apartment you will meet PewDiePie. Pewds will tell you to film a video. Take the game and make a Gameplay video with it. Once the video is complete you will receive a strange message on Instalife.

Once you read the message you will go over and speak to PewDiePie. You will get to tell him what is going on with the promotion of the game. PewDiePie doesn’t like what’s going on so he recommends finding the salesman behind the scam. When asked mention you think he is in the Downtown Neighborhood.

This ends this side mission. There is one final side mission to go in the questline called End the CyberWare Scam. This side mission tasks you with confronting the salesman to expose the scam that the game is.

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