Youtubers Life 2 Citizens with Stories for Instalife Guide

Youtubers Life 2 Citizens with Stories for Instalife is a main story mission players must complete in the game to reach the ending. This main mission is part of collecting the NT Codes. When you befriend Ziggy he will tell you to complete this mission to receive your code. To help you see the guide below for details.


Citizens with Stories for Instalife

Image showing the #Thug in YouTubers Life 2.

Once Ziggy presents this quest to you you will be able to complete it. To snag the Instalife photos required you need to capture the citizens with the special character tags when they appear on the Today’s Trends list. When a character is trending go to them and snap a picture. Some examples of the active citizen trends are:

  1. Thug.
  2. Frustrated Artist.
  3. Stylish Person.
  4. Tourist.
  5. Alien Behavior.
  6. Invited Artist.
  7. Controversial Celebrity.
  8. Police Confidant.
  9. Historian.

When a tag above is active you can look on the Instalife app for information on which neighborhood to look in. Search the area and snag a picture. This will tag their story and add +1 to your completion objective. Do this a total of five times to complete the quest.


After you’ve snapped a photo of five trending citizen tags head back to Ziggy. Tell Ziggy that you’ve completed the mission. Ziggy will thank you for your help and will give you the NT Code for helping out. This is one of five codes you need to put into the machine in the basement of Er-Tech.

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  1. Laura says:

    Hola, me pudieran ayudar xon la mision de Ziggy en encontrar los 5 ciudadanos con historias para Instalife que no he podido hacerla

  2. Xspy says:

    Has anyone completed the NT Code From Katzia mission? I’m stuck on that mission

    • Laura says:

      Yoo, tienes que comprar el taller Unboxing y grabarte haciendo unboxing de 1 producto de los sitios que te dice!

    • Nano says:

      Elle est dans les égouts à côtés de Geektopia, au début tu laisse de la nourriture devant la grille plusieurs jours et après tu pourras rentrer à l’intérieur

  3. Az says:

    Why this trend is not showing up in any days i skip every day to find this trend until year 2 and still not show up

  4. Alan says:

    hey can you help me with the mission of the package of clara? the mission is called: find the lost package

  5. ALEX says:

    i stuck at finding 5 pen drive ….i got two USB b4 i even unlock this mission then i used it ,it count me as found two pen drive,but then other three are actually frustrating me ,there is some guide i found ,but it actually still cant find it ,i alr go that place literary everyday…

  6. hmmmmm says:

    Why i cant find the top trend list above. Never show up help

    • Xspy says:

      Look for people with hashtag. you can also see it on instalife, there will be someone who will tell you that he saw someone who has a hashtag.

  7. CHIEW says:

    hey ,can you make a guide for the adam pendrive ?
    i actually searched almost every place and i still cant find it

  8. Zach says:

    Hey, for the side quest at Er-tech where to have to get the security uniform to sneak past the guards. How/where do I get the uniform because I checked every store and my drone disappeared and I can’t stream/record anything until I get the security uniform

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