Youtubers Life 2 End the CyberWare Scam Guide

The final side mission in the PewDiePie side mission arc is End the CyberWare Scam. This mission tasks you with finding the salesman in the Downtown neighborhood and exposing him. To help you complete this mission see our Youtubers Life 2 End the CyberWare Scam guide below.

Find the Salesman and Expose Him

Image showing exposing the salesman in YouTubers Life 2.

After you film the video and speak to PewDiePie head outside and go to the Downtown neighborhood. Head to the front of the Spicy Ren restaurant to find PewDiePie there. To the west of him is the salesman and Gigi. Turns out she is part of the scheme. To expose them both you will need to film a livestream. Walk over to the circle next to them and begin your livestream. Complete the DDR-lite mini-game by pressing the buttons when prompted.

When your livestream is complete Gigi will come over and speak to both of you. The salesman will speak to you after Gigi is done. PewDiePie will leave and you will receive the “You let out a “Woah Bro” Reaction. Alongside this reward there is a surprise at your apartment. Head back to the apartment to find a package. Pick up the package to get the “Memory of PewDiePie and Maya” photo.

The reward photo can be placed in your home to increase its value by 5k. You can also place the signed PewDiePie photo from early in your home as well to get another 5k in value.

This concludes the PewDiePie side-quest chain. Completing this chain of side quests earns you some decent rewards alongside increasing your followers, subscribers, and money.

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