Yamamura Locations in Super Mario Maker 2 Story Mode

In the Story Mode of Super Mario Maker 2 there are a number of NPC you will meet as you complete the castle. One NPC, Yamamura, can be a bit difficult to find as you advance the Story Mode. This guide will show you all of the Yamamura locations in Story Mode.

Yamamura Location 1: West Hall Cannon

Image showing the location go Yamamura in the West Hall Cannon.

The first location you will find Yamamura is inside the West Hall Cannon. You will need to have the cannon built before you can access this first meeting with Yamamura. Once the cannon is built, make your way up to it and fire it off. This sends Yamamura flying onto the pathway in front of the castle. Speak with Yamamura to access the Airship Flight job. Beat this job to have Yamamura fly away to the next location

Yamamura Location 2: East Hall Door

Image showing the location of Yamamura in the East Hall.

After you’ve met Yamamura and completed the first job, make your way to the East Hall. Go inside through the ground floor then exit again to have Yamamura appear in the doorway. Speak to Yamamura to start the Coin Collecting on an Unnamed Airship job. Complete this job to have Yamamura head to the final location.

Yamamura Location 3: Undodog’s Dog House

Image showing Yamamura in the Undodog's house.

The final location you will find Yamamura is in Undodog’s Dog House. Interact with the dog house to have Yamamura appear. Speak to Yamamura to start the final job, Summer Shootout. Complete this job to unlock a vanity item for your Maker avatar.

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