How to Unlock the Superball Mario Outfit in Super Mario Maker 2

There are a number of outfits for players to unlock in Super Mario Maker 2 which change the look of their Maker avatar. These outfits range from simple shirts to more complex things like dresses. Below you will learn how to unlock the Superball Mario outfit.

Advance Story Mode Until you Meet Purple Toad

Image showing the Purple Toad NPC.

During the Story Mode of Super Mario Maker 2 players are tasked with rebuilding Peach’s destroyed castle. To do this players take on various jobs to earn coins. These coins are used to rebuild the castle. As you rebuild the castle you will notice a number of new NPCs begin to give you quests. One NPC you will unlock is Purple Toad. Once rescued Purple Toad will appear on the pathway to the left by some Hard Blocks. You want to reach this point in your playthrough.

Complete the Spiny Shell Smashers Job

Image showing the Spiny Shell Smashers job.

To advance to the job that unlocks the Superball Mario outfit you need to first complete two other jobs for Purple Toad. These jobs are as follows:

  • POW Block Wake-Up Call!
  • Piranha Creeper Squash.

Upon completion of the jobs, Purple Toad will offer you the Spiny Shell Smashers job. In this jobs you are tasked with making it through a level with the Spiny Shell equipped. Once you complete this mission, Purple Toad will use the Spiny Shell to smash the Hard Blocks. The ? blocks they were blocking contain a Superball Flower, Superball Mario Hat, and the Superball Mario suit.

Equipping the Superball Mario Outfit

Image showing the Superball Mario outfit.

The items you get out of the ? blocks go together to form a complete outfit. This Superball Mario outfit can be accessed by your Maker avatar in the Course World mode. To equip both piece of outfit access the Maker avatar page. From here select Change Outfit. You will find the suit on the full body page and the hat on the head page.

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