Wholesome Direct 2021 Games Announcements Rundown

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The second presentation on E3 2021 Day 1 was the Guerrilla Collective Wholesome Direct. This event contained games that fit the wholesome and cozy description. There were a number of games announced during the event for players to check out. The full list of announcements can be found in our Wholesome Direct 2021 rundown below.

Wholesome Direct 2021 Games Announcement List

The livestream event took place over on Twitch as part of the Guerrilla Collective event. The games featured during this portion of the livestream focused on titles that were wholesome in nature. Some of the highlights from the games announced included Moonglow Bay, We Are OFK, and more. The full list of announcements can be found below.

Bird ProblemsA sitcom game about bird life.
SnackoA farming cat-venture game.
AlekonA creature snapping game that is available right now.
A Little to the LeftPuzzle game where you sort and stack household items.
OobletsFarming creature game getting a new update.
Spirit SwapA narrative driven puzzle game with lo-fi beats.
Behind the FrameNarrative driven puzzle game that features a unique painting mechanic.
SkateBIRDSkateboarding title where you are a bird that skates. Coming soon.
Here Comes Niko3D platformer title featuring a variety of quirky characters.
PekoeCozy tea shop simulator where you serve cats.
LakeMail person delivery simulator with lifestyle sim as well.
Yokai InnInn management life-style game.
Mythic OceanUnderwater narrative adventure title. Out now.
Kokopa’s AtlasPlanet settler title featuring exploration, building, and gardening.
Button CityLow poly adventure game about animals in an arcade.
LettersAn interesting looking text adventure game coming in Q3.
Hot Pot for OneCook a hot dish for yourself on Christmas Night. Out now.
Garden StoryTop down action-adventure game where you rebuild your home with friends.
Tracks of ThoughtRPG that features card based battles.
Beasts of Maravilla IslandPlay as a wildlife photographer on a strange island. Out today.
HoaPuzzle-platformer that comes out in August.
We Are OFKNarrative driven music game.
ParalivesA sims like life simulator.
Walk with YiayiaGo for a walk with your grandma.
DordogneNarrative driven adventure game.
The Gecko GodsPlay as a Gecko as you solve puzzles on a mysterious island.
TasomachiAdventure game about exploring an interesting town.
Witchy Life StoryNarrative game set in a witchy world.
BattleCakesTurn based RPG combat game where you play as a cupcake.
Bear & BreakfastLaid-bac management adventure game about an bed and breakfast.
Passpartout 2Follow up to the 2017 title Passpartout.
SallyAirship adventure title.
Rainbow Billy2.5D Adventure-RPG where you rescue the world from black-and-white.
UnpackingUnpack simulator where you unpack boxes and learn about their owners.
Soup PotFood cooking simulator.
Cloud JumperA chill game about exploring the Sky. Meeting new peoples and more.
Moonglow BayPlay as a rookie angler in Moonglow Bay fishing game.
PupperazziTake photos of dogs.
Witchery AcademyLife simulator at a wizard academy.
Amber IsleVillage living life simulator where the townsfolk are dinosaurs.
WytchwoodCrafting adventure game.
Moonshell IslandAction-RPG with Zelda vibes.
Sizzle reel of a number of titlesClosed the show with a quick sizzle reel of 20+ titles.
LoadlenautAn underwater clean-up adventure game. Kickstarter is open.

That’s all that was shown off during the Wholesome Direct 2021 event. If you want to find more information on any of the game’s shown above check out the Steam Guerrilla Collective page or wholesomegames.com for more details.

This event is one of many game announcements that occurred on day 1 of E3 2021. For a full look at today’s events see our 2021 E3 Schedule.

Thoughts on the games shown during Wholesome Direct 2021? Let me hear them in the comments below.



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