Guerrilla Collective 2021 Day 2 Games Announcement Rundown

The second of the Guerilla Collective presentation days is upon us just before E3 2021 gets underway. This more indie focused event featured a second day of game announcements. There was a bunch of trailers and interviews for the upcoming slate of releases. See the complete Guerrilla Collect 2021 Day 2 Rundown list below for more details on everything that was announced.

Guerrilla Collect 2021 Day 2 Games List

Image showing Guerrilla Collect 2021 Day 2 logo.

The Guerrilla Collect 2021 Day 2 stream occurred at 8AM PT on the collectives Twitch stream channel. This event features a multitude of announcements for a variety of different games. As I’ve been doing the table below features all of the games that were announced during the stream. I’ve linked any available trailers for your viewing pleasure.

Arigami 2A third-person ninja game that focuses on stealth combat. Release on September 17th.
Firegirl2d side scrolling firefighter game. October 29 release date.
Batora Lost HavenTop down hack and slash twin stick title. Features a mix of combat and puzzle solving with boss battles.
GrimeTeaser trailer shown for this title. Coming 2021.
BPM: Bullets Per MinuteRogue-like shooter that is tied to the beat of the music. Coming to PS4 and XBOX One in Summer 2021.
Akatori2d action game.
ArchvaleTop down action adventure RPG bullet-hell title.
No Longer HomeBased on the developers life experiences around graduating from university. Launches 2021.
Hunt the NightAction-adventure game set a dark fantasy world of Medhram. Top-down 2d art.
Black BookRPG adventure based on Slavic myths.
Demon’s MirrorAction card game mixed with a puzzle game.
Neverwinter: Bard ClassAdding the Bard class to the game through DLC. Coming soon.
Loot RiverAction-adventure where you move platforms while exploring dungeons. Interesting concept.
GhostrunnerNinja-future runner game coming to Nintendo Switch on June 30th. Already out on PC.
The Light of the DarknessAction-adventure title.
Slime HeroesPlay as a slime in this action-adventure title. 2023 release date.
Demon TurfA 3D cartoony platformer title. Demo available on Steam.
Arietta of SpiritsTop down action-adventure game. Releases Summer 2021.
UnmetalFun parody of Metal Gear Solid. Demo available on Steam.
WolfstrideTurn-based black and white title that features Giant Mech Battles.
Severed SteelFirst-person shooter game about getting stylish kills.
SableAdventure exploration game that features puzzles and the use of a glider. September 23 release date.
BATS2D action title that features a ton of blood.
Death TrashPost-apocalyptic cosmic horror title that features old-school role-playing and modern action gameplay.
Serial CleanersSingle-player action-stealth game follow up to Serial Cleaner.
White ShadowsAdventure game about escaping a dark, weird violent world in grayscale. Coming 2021.
RajiTop down action-adventure title set in ancient India.
Despot’s GameRogue-like auto battler. Lead a group of humans through a dungeon. Has PvP.
Potion Craft: Alchemist SimulatorA potion maker simulator game.
RawmenMultiplayer game that features food battles.
Happy’s Humble Burger FarmFirst person fast-food simulator horror game.
Hello Neighbor 2First person horror game where you try to uncover the secrets of your neighbor game.
Trash SailorsCo-op sailing simulator where you build a raft from trash and fight monsters.
Among UsDeveloper interview about the success of the game. Talked about new colors coming.
Blooming Business CasinoRun an animal casino in this simulator.
RobodunkRobot basketball game.
King of the HatMultiplayer brawler game.
Venice 2089Explore future Venice as water rises, slowly destroying it.
Behind the FrameA puzzle painting game.
Kitsune Tails2d platformer game inspired by Japanese Mythology.
Playdate consoleCommercial for the Playdate console.
Arcade ParadiseTurn a laundromat into an arcade in this simulator.
Limited Run GamesInterview with the Limited Run Games head. They are doing an E3 presentation on June 14.

That’s all the games that were announced during this event. If you want more details on the game’s above check out the Steam Guerrilla Collective page for more details.

This live stream kicked off what is a very busy day of E3 2021 events. Check out our complete E3 2021 Schedule for details on the other events today.

What did you think of Guerrilla Collect 2021 Day 2 game announcements? See anything you will be picking up? Sound off in the comments below.


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