Among Us Tan Color Revealed for Crewmate Customisation

A few new colors are coming to Among Us on June 10th thanks to a recently announced big update. This update will launch as part of the Summer Game Fest event. The new color players can expect in the update include Rose, Gray, and Tan. These new colors can be used to change the look of your bean to make them more unique.

The announcement of the Tan color came in the form of the above released short trailer by Innersloth. The color has an interesting history as it has been hinted at being added to the game since 2019. The color first appeared on a developer livestream, but never materialized. One of the reasons the Tan color was sought after is that it would be useful for colorblind players to use. While the color never did come out in 2019 the game’s Discord received a Tan emoji instead.

Now thanks to the upcoming Summer Games Fest update Tan will be added to the game alongside other colors. This update also includes expanded lobbies that will allow for up to 15 players. Adding more players to a lobby will only add to the craziness of the already crazy multiplayer title.

For more details on the Summer Games Fest head over to the official site. You can also follow the official Among Us Twitter for details on upcoming colors and updates. Let me know below if you will be equipping Tan on your bean when it drops.


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