Where to Find the Lake Foscari Map in Vampire Survivors

Lake Foscari Map Relic.

In update v1.4.200 of Vampire Survivors there are two new maps that players can find. These maps are for the stages Mt. Moonspell and Lake Foscari. These maps, when found, give a more detailed look at each level. This is especially useful for both stages as they have some hard to navigate areas. The guide below will show you where to find the Lake Foscari Map in Vampire Survivors.

Where is the Lake Foscari Map Location

The Lake Foscari Map is quite hard to find if you don’t know where to look. While you are pointed in the direction of the map, it is actually hidden in a secret section of the level you may not know existed.

To find the map make your way to the shire area of Lake Foscari (northwest corner) and then head east. Keep going east until you reach a forest that blocks your path. Walk north along the edge of the forest until you can go east again. About a quarter of the way east along the top of the forest is a secret entrance you can go through to reach a special pot room. Inside of this special pot room is the Lake Foscari Relic. Walk over it to collect it.

Once you’ve collected the Lake Foscari Map you will unlock a more detailed map of the stage. This detailed map replaces the old map and features far more details, including paths and other useful details.

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