Where to Find the Mt. Moonspell Map in Vampire Survivors

Vampire Survivors Mt. Moonspell Map Relic.

In update v1.4.200 of Vampire Survivors there are two new maps that players can find. These maps are for the stages Mt. Moonspell and Lake Foscari. These maps, when found, give a more detailed look at each level. This is especially useful for both stages as they have some hard to navigate areas. The guide below will show you where to find the Mt. Moonspell Map in Vampire Survivors.

Where is the Mt. Moonspell Map Location

Go to this map location to find the Relic.

The Mt. Moonspell Map is fairly simple to locate in the stage. From the Mt. Moonspell Stage starting spawn head northeast until you reach a stone wall. Walk east along the wall until you find a path going north you can follow. Go up the path to reach a couple of dojos you can enter. Go inside the west dojo and you will find the Mt. Moonspell Relic sitting on the floor inside. To collect this Relic walk over it like you would any other type of item.

Once you’ve collected the Mt. Moonspell map you will unlock a more detailed map of the stage. This detailed map replaces the old map and features far more details, including paths and other useful details.

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