Where to Find Duskull in Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield

Duskull is a Ghost-type Pokemon players can encounter in Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield. This ghost Pokemon can be found in a few places, but I’m going to show you the earliest. Continue reading below to learn where to find Duskull in Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield.

Find Duskull on Route 6

Image showing Duskull in battle.

To the west of Hammerlocke city you will find Route 6. Route 6 is a dusty route with some climbing sections. In the tall grass along this route you may encounter Duskull. Duskull is a Ghost-type so most normal moves will not effect it. You will want to have Pokemon on hand that can hit it. Also be sure to carry Poke Balls with you. This Pokemon is fairly common so you will have plenty of opportunities to try and catch it.

Duskull Pokedex Entry

Image showing the Duskull Pokedex Entry.

As mentioned above Duskull is a Ghost-type Pokemon. This Pokemon has a very interesting Pokedex entry:

If it finds bad children who won’t listen to their parents, it will spirit them away-or so it’s said.


That’s all you need to know about where to find Duskull. As mentioned above it is a fairly common Pokemon to run into along Route 6 so you shouldn’t have any issue in finding it for your collection.

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