How to Do Poke Jobs in Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield

In Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield there is a new activity for Pokemon to partake in called Poke Jobs. These jobs allow you to put your Pokemon to work via the Rotomi at any Pokemon Center. For more information on this system, consult the how to do Poke Jobs guide below.

What Are Poke Jobs?

Image showing Hop discussing Poke Jobs.

Poke Jobs are a game system you will learn about after you pass through the second Galar Mine after the second gym battle. Once you reach the other side of the mine Hop will stop you and mention Poke Jobs. You can skip his explanation or have him tell you more about them.

How to Start Poke Jobs?

Image showing a Poke Job.

Poke Jobs allow you to put your Pokemon to work for you. To see what jobs are available to send your Pokemon on make your way to the nearest Pokemon Center and access the Rotomi there. At the Rotomi you will be able to access Poke Jobs. The jobs you send you Pokemon on will have specific requirements for what they are looking for (Grass-type, # of Pokemon, etc.). Once you settle on a job you want to send Pokemon on, select it then pick the Pokemon you want to send and how long you wish to send them for. As your Pokemon work the job they will receive experience as well as other goodies.

That’s all you need to know about how to complete Poke Jobs in Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield. What jobs have you sent your Pokemon on so far? Let me know in the comments below.

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