Where to Catch Mimikyu in Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon

Mimikyu is one of my favorite Pokemon in Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon and is a great addition to any team. This mysterious, ghost/fairy type Pokemon, hits hard and features a pretty wicked passive ability in Disguise. Where can you catch a Mimikyu you ask? Below I will show you where to catch Mimikyu in Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon.

Where To Catch Mimikyu

Where to Catch Mimikyu in Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon

Mimikyu can be located on the Ula’ula Island of Alola in both Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon. After you have made the trek to Ula’ula Island via the main story, you will be tasked with the next island trial. This trial can be found south on Route 14. Before being able to access the area head all the way to the Aether House where you will meet some familiar faces. This triggers the start of the island trial.

Head back to Route 14 where you will make your to the Thrifty Megamart. Once at the Thrifty Megamart, you will be tasked with completing the trial. The trial itself has to be completed before you can catch Mimikyu. After you beat the challenge, you will be able to enter the Thrifty Megamart and catch Pokemon inside.

Catching Mimikyu

Where to Catch Mimikyu in Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon

To catch Mimikyu is a bit of a test of luck. It appears Mimikyu is somewhat of a rare spawn so expect to fight a lot of Golbats, Haunters, and Klefkis before you run into one. Mimikyu is a Ghost/Fairy type Pokemon and can hit fairly hard, so come prepared. Treat the battle like any other. I recommend bringing along some type of status effect like sleep or paralysis to make capturing easier. I also suggest having a Pokemon with False Swipe to get Mimikyu’s health as low as possible.


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This is where to catch Mimikyu in Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon. Hope it helps! Let me know any of your strategies in The Pit below.


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17 responses

  1. Guy says:

    Just get a farfetched, make sure it knows false swipe and foresight. Foresight bypasses the ghost physical immunity.

  2. Kay says:

    I got three!! After I spent an hour tryna find one, I finally caught one then I kept catching em haha. Mainly near the entrance! Good luck all

  3. Kazuto_Akiyama says:

    I spent so long looking for a mimikyu that I got bored of the game and only came back to it 8 months later lol

  4. IcyCubchoo says:

    I got mimikyu on the first try no jokes

  5. Luka says:

    I’ve been running around this megamart for nearly an hour and all I’m getting is Haunter, Golbat, Klefki and Shuppet

  6. Hannah says:

    You can use the move soak to change the Pokémon to a pure water type then false swipe it,very helpful

  7. Nerd says:

    Encounter rate is 5% and catch rate is 45.

  8. GodGamer67 says:

    Who else has the mimikinum z

  9. sum (un)lucky trainer? says:

    i ran into it 1st encounter and 3rd encounter i am scared

  10. Pika Raichu says:

    Whats the encounter rate for mimikyu in this area? Like what percentage? Also there is an alternate move for ghost types if you are willing to beat the game first. You can use Natures madness to cut the target’s HP in half or use the Z-move to cut the target’s HP by 70% of what it’s HP currently is.

  11. Ben says:

    So what level does Mimikyu Show?

  12. Josh Lecker says:

    False swipe won’t work as it is a ghost

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