Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon Thrifty Megamart Trial Guide

Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon Thrifty Megamart Trial Guide

Having completed Hokulani Observatory, you will now be headed to the next trial. This trial has to be one of the more enjoyable ones for me personally, as it features my favorite Pokemon, Mimikyu. To help you get through this trial, use the Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon Thrifty Megamart Trial Guide below.

Thrifty Megamart

Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon Thrifty Megamart Trial Guide

The Thrifty Megamart can be found at the end of Route 14. To access the trial here, you must first complete the Aether story portion which involves accessing the Aether Foundation building. Once this is done, you will be able to follow Acerola to the trial site. In this trial you will be facing off against Ghost type Pokemon, so be prepared.

Thrifty Megamart Trial

Thrifty Megamart

The goal in this trial is to take photos of various supernatural happenings in order to have the Totem Pokemon emerge. To do this, make your way inside the Thrifty Megamart and wander along the clearly laid out path.

The first happening you will come across is the moving conveyor belt. Interact with the conveyor to activate the Poke Finder and use it to take a photo of the Gastly. This will trigger the first fight. After that fight, head further into the Thrifty Megamart. You will see a shopping cart moving on its own. Interact with it to trigger a fight with a Haunter. Finish the fight and continue further into the shopping center. Eventually you will reach some floating dolls. Repeat the process above to fight Gengar. From here, head to the backroom to trigger the Totem Pokemon.

Totem Mimikyu

Thrifty Megamart

The Totem Mimikyu fight can be somewhat of a pain. This is due to the fact that Mimikyu hits hard, while also possessing a passive that allows it to take one free turn of damage. Couple this passive with Mimikyu’s speed and you have a painful fight to undertake. With that being said, Mimikyu is weak to both Ghost and Steel type Pokemon, so use this to your advantage when stacking your team. After you’ve defeating Totem Mimikyu, you will complete the trial and receive Ghostium Z.


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This concludes our Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon Thrifty Megamart Trial Guide. Hit us up in the Pit below with any comments you have.


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