What to Say to Johnny in the Oil Fields in Cyberpunk 2077

During the Johnny Silverhand Act 3 Cyberpunk 2077 side mission Chipin’ In you drive Johnny to the oil fields in the Badlands to look for his body. At the location given to you by Grayson there is an important interaction that occurs. If the interaction is handled poorly you will lock yourself out of a possible ending. To ensure you handle this moment correctly we’ve thrown together a short What to say to Johnny in the Oil Fields in Cyberpunk 2077 guide for you. Check it out below.

What to Say to Johnny At His Grave

Image showing What to Say to Johnny At His Grave in Cyberpunk 2077.

When you approach Johnny’s grave in the oil fields you will trigger an interesting interaction with Johnny Silverhand. During this interaction Johnny will open up to you about his burial. During this interaction you will went to complete the following steps.

  1. “Let’s do something about that.” then inscribe Johnny’s initials when prompted.
  2. “The Guy who saved my life”
  3. “Nah, fucked the up too.”
  4. “What do you want from me?”
  5. “OK. But as second chances go, this is your last.”
  6. “You were a real dick in the beginning.”
  7. “When you said you let down your friends…”
  8. “Yeah, I’ll call Rogue.”

The selection you make regarding the message on Johnny’s Tombstone is the most important part of the interaction. You want to avoid telling him that he is a legend. Instead you should go with “The Guy who saved my life.” option. This option opens Johnny up for an interesting interaction and adds to your relationship which is needed to unlock the fifth ending of the game.

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