What to Do with the Discarded Palace Key in Elden Ring

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In Elden Ring there is an item players receive from defeating an enemy called Baleful Shadow. This item is the Discarded Palace Key. Not much is know about this key and what it opens. To help you find the locked treasure chest it opened see our what to do with the Discarded Palace Key in Elden Ring guide below.

What Does the Discarded Palace Key Open

If you are doing Ranni’s questline you will need to collect the Discarded Palace Key to advance it. This key comes from defeating the Baleful Shadow invader in near Nokstella in the Ainsel River location. Once you have the key you may be wondering what it opens.

To learn where to find the lock the key opens we need to view the key’s description. This description says the key “opens a treasure chest passed down to Carian Princesses. It is said to be found in the Grand Library of Raya Lucaria with her mother Rennala.”

Make your way to the Grand Library of Raya Lucaria. If needed, defeat Rennala. Once you’ve done this you are free to explore the library. On the northwest side of the main area next to a bookshelf there is a locked chest. This is the chest the item description is talking about. Use the key to open the locked chest. Inside the chest is the Dark Moon Ring. You use this ring to complete Ranni’s questline.

The ring depicts a leaden full moon. This ring is used to access a specific area where you will find Ranni. If you do not have the ring the area is inaccessible to players. Once you have the ring you can give it to Ranni as part of the Age of Stars ending.

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