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One of the most important questlines in Elden Ring comes from the NPC named Ranni. Ranni is a witch in a doll’s body. She resides in her tower near Caria Manor and requests the tarnished’s assistance. If the tarnished agrees to help, the questline can unlock an alternative ending to the game. See our Elden Ring Ranni quest guide below for a complete walkthrough.

Where to Meet Rannni

Ranni can be found in her tower called Ranni’s Rise to the west of Caria Manor in the Liurnia region. To meet her visit her tower and go to the very top room. Here you will find Ranni. Speak to Ranni and she will ask you to assist her. You can meet her at pretty much any point in the game. To start her questline choose the “Serve Ranni the Witch” option during dialogue with her.

After you speak to Ranni she asks you to speak to a Iji and Seluvis. These NPCs are found in the bottom of the tower. Speak to them both then return and talk to Ranni again. After this you can leave to pursue the next step of the quest.

Defeat Starscourge Radahn to Trigger the Star Crash/Access to Nokron

Note: You can defeat Radahn before or after speaking to Ranni.

When you speak to Ranni you learn that she wants the Nokron treasure. She tasks you with finding and stealing it. To get access to Nokron you need to defeat the boss called Starscourge Radahn in the Wailing Dunes in Caelid. Once you’ve done this a star crashes just northwest of Fort Haight in Limgrave. This star creates a crater that leads to Nokron.

Go down into the crater and make your way through Nokron. You will eventually fight a boss called the Mimic Tear. Defeat this boss to unlock the Mimic Tear Site of Grace. I will explain how to reach the treasure from this landmark.

Where to Find the Nokron Treasure

Take the bridge northeast until your reach the path heading to the land below that is going west. Follow the path until you see a druid sorcerer on a rock. Veer off from the path and head left. Take your next left and you will arrive at the Ancestral Woods Site of Grace.

How to Get the Nokron Treasure

From the Site of Grace turn southwest and look towards the buildings. Walk to the edge of the cliff and jump down onto the rooftop below. Continue southwest to the end of the roof and drop down onto the little lip on the next building. Go west and then head around the corner. You will see a body hanging onto the next building. Jump to it. Continue southwest across the building.

This next part is a bit tricky. There are mimics on the courtyard area below you. Jump to the round roof building and then jump to the courtyard where the mimics are. Run southwest then turn south and run down the corridor there. You will come to a broken arch that passes over the street below. Run across the arch and go through the window to enter the building.

Inside the building with the large boulder drop down and run south through open doors. Turn west and run down the stairs. On your left is the Night’s Sacred Ground Site of Grace. Grab it then turn and face northeast. Run down the street to the far building you see in the distance that has the large giant sitting on it. Open the chest inside to get the treasure which is the Fingerslayer Blade.

Return Blade to Ranni to Get Carian Inverted Statue

Image showing the Carian Inverted Statue in Elden Ring.

Once you have the treasure you can take it back to Ranni. Give her the item and she will give you the Carian Inverted Statue. This item is used to invert the Carian Study Hall in Liurnia. This is the next location we want to visit on our quest.

What to Do with the Carian Inverted Statue

Once you receive the Carian Inverted Statue you may wonder what to do with it. The answer lies in its description. The statue helps reveal the hidden from of the Carian Study Hall. So now that we know what it does, it’s time to use it.

To reach the Carian Study Hall, make your way to the eastside of Liurnia, to the map marker shown above. At this location enter the building from the northside to reach a lobby area. Inside this area you will find a Site of Grace and an altar with a pedestal on it. Approach the pedestal and choose Examine Pedestal to place the statue on it.

Image showing the Cursemark of death item in Elden Ring.

What placing the statue does is invert the building. This makes it possible to reach the other building to the east called the Divine Tower of Liurnia. The top of the divine towers has a Godskin Apostle enemy. Defeat it then go into the top of the Divine Tower of Liurnia to get the Cursemark of Death (for Fia’s quest) and the Stargazer Heirloom.

Get the Miniature Ranni Key Item

After you’ve snagged theses items head back to Ranni’s Rise. Instead of going to her building you want to go to the tower to the northeast called Renna’s Rise (if you go back to Ranni’s there is a Site of Grace at the top of her tower now). At the top of this tower is a teleporter you can go through. Take this teleporter to arrive in the Ainsel River region.

Walk forward and you will see an item inside of a coffin. Pick up this item to receive the Miniature Ranni key item. Go south of the coffin and rest at the Ainsel River Main Site of Grace. You will see an option to speak to Miniature Ranni. Select this option three times to get it to speak to you. It tells you to defeat the Baleful Shadow enemy.

Where to Find the Baleful Shadow

Image showing the path leading to Nokstella.

To find the Baleful Shadow you need to make your way to Nokstella. This is a bit of a journey. Make your way southwest from the Ainsel River Main Site of Grace through the Uhl Palace Ruins to reach a tunnel leading to the city. The path is highlighted on the map shown above. Run through this path to reach the outskirts of the city. Sit at the Site of Grace on the exterior of the city.

From the Site of Grace run along the river so you are going to the northwest. Follow the river until you reach an elevator on your left (shown at the map marker above). Get on this elevator and ride it down to the Nokstella Waterfall Basin Site of Grace. Sit at this site then south/southwest through the tunnel.

In the room after the tunnel the Baleful Shadow spawns. The Baleful Shadow is a large greatsword wielding enemy. Like other invasion enemy types it has a flask it can heal once from. Defeat it to receive the Discarded Palace Key. Go southwest into the building and ride the elevator down. Sit at the Lake of Rot Shoreside Site of Grace.

Get the Dark Moon Ring

Image showing the Dark Moon Ring in Elden Ring.

Warp or make your way to the Raya Lucaria Grand Library. Inside this room there is a locked treasure chest. Open the treasure chest using the Discarded Palace Key to receive the Dark Moon Ring. This ring is needed to advance the quest later, and getting it now saves having to break up the quest. Once you have the ring return to the Lake of Rot Shoreside Site of Grace.

Where to Find Astel, Naturalborn of the Void Boss

Image showing how to get to the Grand Cloister in Elden Ring.

Back at the Lake of Rot head through rot to the southeast. While you pass through the rot there are platforms you can stop on that have buttons you can stand on. These buttons raise platform, making you traversal easier. Continue heading southeast until you reach the building there. Continue through the building to arrive at the Site of Grace called the Grand Cloister.

To reach the boss we need to make our way through the Grand Cloister area. To do this head west from the Site of Grace. You will reach the end of the path. In front of you will be a ledge. Get on this ledge and drop down the first hole to the ledge below. Follow the ledge around the building then drop down twice. Drop down once more to reach the ground below. Follow the rot west river then go left when it elbows. At the very end you will find a coffin you can get inside. Get in the coffin to go to a new location.

Defeat the Astel, Naturalborn of the Void Boss

Image showing Astel, Naturalborn in Elden Ring.

Inside the new location prepare yourself for a fight. When ready proceed forward and enter the fog wall. On the otherside you will face off against the boss called Astel, Naturalborn of the Void. Defeat Astel. Sit at the Site of Grace.

Head to the north from the Site of Grace to reach an elevator. Take this elevator up to the area called the Moonlight Altar. Head northeast to the cathedral ruins on the hill which is called the Cathedral of Manus Celes.

Give Ranni the Ring

Drop down this hole and interact with Ranni there.

Inside the Cathedral of Manus Celes sit at the Site of Grace. From here go south and you will find a hole in the ground. Drop down the hole in the ground until you reach the bottom. Move forward until you reach a room with Ranni inside it. Approach and wear ring when prompted. This triggers a cutscene where you put the ring on her finger.

After the cutscene speak to Ranni. She says you will see each other again later down the road. Grab the Dark Moon Greatsword from the location Ranni was sitting. This ends the quest. Ranni can be summoned at the game’s ending to get the Age of Stars ending.

Things to Do After the Quest

  • Sit at Ranni’s Rise Site of Grace and speak to her.
  • Fight Blaidd outside Ranni’s Rise to get his armor (minus helmet) and greatsword.
  • Summon Ranni at game’s end.

That’s all you need to know to complete Ranni’s quest in Elden Ring. This quest is fairly long and does require being fairly strong to complete. With that said it is well worth the effort to get the Dark Moon Greatsword and one of the game’s possible endings.

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