How to Get Blaidd Armor and Greatsword in Elden Ring

Blaidd the Half-Wolf is an NPC players can encounter in Elden Ring. This NPC can be first encountered in the Mistwood Ruins. He also appears as part of the Ranni’s quest line. During this quest you must speak to him in Ranni’s tower. If you like the look of this NPC and want his armor and Greatsword, this guide is for you. Below I walk you through how to how to get Blaidd Armor and Greatsword in Elden Ring.

Blaidd Armor Set and Royal Greatsword Location

The witch Ranni has a long questline that unlocks one of the game’s endings. To get the Blaidd armor and Royal Greatsword you need to complete this questline. Once the Ranni questline is complete, go back to Ranni’s Rise. Head outside the tower and you will find a hostile Blaidd the Half-Wolf sitting on the path infront of the tower. Defeat Blaidd then pick up the items he drops to receive the Blaidd Set and the Royal Greatsword.

Black Wolf Mask Location

Defeating Blaidd gives you three pieces of his set: Blaidd’s Armor, Blaidd’s Gauntlets, and Blaidd’s Greaves. One piece is missing which is the set’s mask. Thankfully for us it is nearby. From Ranni’s Tower go to the southeast. You will encounter another tower called Seluvis’s Rise. On the northside of the tower climb the crumbling wall and you will reach remains. Pillage the remains to get the Black Wolf Mask.

Blaidd Set and Greatsword

Image showing the Blaidd Armor Set and Royal Greatsword.

Set Description: “Blaidd, who served as Ranni’s shadow, was a loyal ally who would defy destiny itself it it would have him turn upon his Lady.

When fully equipped, the set makes players look like the NPC Blaidd. Some say this set is a reference to the late Kentaro Miura‘s Berserk anime. The set looks like the main character from the series called Guts, when he wears the Berserker Armor. Furthering this theory is that the Royal Greatsword also looks the anime’s Dragon Slayer sword.

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