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In the Title Update 1.1.2 for Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Ubisoft has added a new game mode called River Raid. This game mode allows you to raid a variety of new locations to earn new armor, weapons, and Foreign Supplies. The Foreign Supplies you acquire can be spent on new buildings and also special items. These special items come from the new NPC named Vagn. Below you will find a list of Vagn’s shop inventory.

What Items Does Vagn Sell

Image showing Vagn's Shop Inventory in AC Valhalla.

The new NPC Vagn can be found at the old dock in your Settlement once the River Raid Dock is built. This character provides you access to the River Raid game mode and also sells items. The inventory Vagn has consists of a mix of ship customization and schematics. Here’s what he has for sale:

Settlement Cosmetics

ItemCost (Foreign Supplies)
Jomsviking Statue100
Treasure Hoard100
Weapon Stockpile100
Shield Maiden Statue100
Raid Loot Ash Tree400

Longship Cosmetics

ItemCost (Foreign Supplies)
Green River Raid Sail200
Green River Raid Figurehead200
Green River Raid Hull200
Green River Raid Tailpiece200
Green River Raid Shields200
Jomsviking Sail200
Jomsviking Hull200
Jomsviking Sails200
Jomsviking Tailpiece200
Jomsviking Shields200

Tattoo Cosmetics

ItemCost (Foreign Supplies)
Jomsviking Arm150
Jomsviking Back150
Jomsviking Head150
Jomsviking Chest150

Wayland’s Armor Set (added in 1.2.2)

Armor PieceCost (Foreign Supplies)

If you wish to purchase everything for sale in Vagn’s shop you will need to collect 1600 Foreign Supplies. These materials come specifically from chests you find while completing River Raids. Getting everything listed above will take a bit of time. So expect to run the River Raids multiple times if you wish to get everything for sale in Vagn’s shop currently.

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