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In the River Raid game mode for Assassin’s Creed Valhalla there are a couple of new buildings for players to erect on their Settlements. These new buildings help to facilitate the new game mode. Like other Settlement buildings you need to acquire the proper amount of resources to ensure you can build the building you want. These resources come from River Raids. To help you learn more about the River Raid buildings we’ve put together a short guide below.

River Raid Dock

The first building you will build in your Settlement relating to the River Raids is the River Raids Dock. This building requires no resources to erect. It is automatically built when you begin the process of unlocking the River Raids mode. Once this building is created it houses NPC Vagn. This NPC offers services relating to River Raids, Longboat upgrades, and cosmetic items. There are no further upgrades you can make to this building.

Jomsviking Hall + Expansions

Image showing the Jomsviking Hall in Assassin's Creed Valhalla.

Once you’ve built the River Raids Dock you need to build a place to house Jomsviking you can hire. This is where the Jomsviking Hall building comes into play. To build this recruitment hall you need to put up 100 Foreign Supplies for the initial build. Once the building is complete you will be able to hire Jomsviking that are inside it. This building can be further upgraded as follows:

  • Expansion 1: 200 Foreign Supplies to improve Jomsviking quality (mix of Rank 1 and Rank 2).
  • Expansion 2: 600 Foreign Supplies to have Rank 2+3 Jomsviking appear in hall.

Like other buildings you can expand the Jomsviking Hall by interacting with the sign outside it. If you have the necessary materials simply hold the button when prompted to trigger the upgrade.

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