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Once you’ve met the king in Fornburg you will receive news that your brother has returned. This news starts a new quest called The Prodigal Prince. To complete this quest consult our The Prodigal Prince guide below. In it you will learn where to go and what to do to advance the main story.

Quest Objectives

  • Reach the docks.
  • Follow Sigurd.
  • Listen to Sigurd’s Tale.
  • Speak to Sigurd (and others).
  • Follow Sigurd again.
  • Train with the Hidden Blade.
  • Follow Sigurd again… again.
  • Speak to Sigurd at the dock.

Reach the Docks

Leave the Longhouse where you spoke to Ravdi and head back to the dock. When you approach the dock Sigurd will appear. This will trigger a cutscene. During this cutscene we learn Sigurd has returned with treasure and some exotic friends. After this cutscene you will receive a new objective.

Follow Sigurd

You need to follow Sigurd back to the Longhouse to complete this mission objective. Nothing much will happen while you are following your brother. There is some dialogue, but that’s about it. Once you are at the Longhouse you will trigger a cutscene between everyone. This cutscene leads to the group heading into the building.

Listen to Sigurd’s Tale and Speak to Sigurd

In the Longhouse Sigurd will speak. After Sigurd has spoken to the group you can walk around the room speaking to different people. The people you can speak to are:

  • Randvi.
  • Hytham.
  • Basim.
  • The king.

Once you’ve spoken to these people make your way over to Sigurd and speak to him. During this sequence you will learn about the brotherhood of shadows. Sigurd will give you a gift while you are speaking which is the hidden blade.

Follow Sigurd Again

Due to the sensitive nature of the blade Sigurd will tell Eivor to head outside with him. Follow Sigurd outside to reach the training grounds area. Since you have a new weapon it is only right that you learn how to use it.

Train with the Hidden Blade

To complete the training with the Hidden Blade you will need to take out a number of targets in the training area. The target you need to takedown will be marked. Assassinate the target then wait for the next target to be marked. You will learn how to do the different takedowns. Once you’ve completed all of the different types speak to Sigurd.

Follow Sigurd and Talk to Him at the Dock

The final objective tasks you with following Sigurd away from the training area to the dock. Here you will want to speak to Sigurd. When you speak to him he will talk about plans for the future. This conversation will end The Prodigal Prince main story quest. After the quest is complete time will pass and you will wake up to the next story mission called Rude Awakening.

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