Family Matters – Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Guide

Once you reach Fornburg you will unlock a couple of main story quests you can complete. These quests can be done in any order, but I recommend doing Family Matters first. To help you complete this quest use our Family Matters guide below. This guide will show you where to go and who to speak to to complete this mission.

Quest Objectives

  • Speak to Gunnar the blacksmith.
  • Speak to Randvi.
  • Complete A Seer’s Solace.
  • Speak to Randvi again.

Speak to Gunnar the Blacksmith

Image showing the npc named Gunnar in Assassin's Creed Valhalla.

From the dock in Fornburg make your way east along the path that leads through town. Along the way you will see a number of NPCs that have icons over their heads. You can speak to them all if you want, but our target is the blacksmith named Gunnar. Continue along the path until you reach Gunnar who is working outside his hut. Speak to the NPC to trigger a conversation about your father’s axe.

During this conversation you will be introduced to the game’s gear enhancement system. Essentially this system works by bringing ingots to the settlements forge to upgrade gear you have. Upgrading gear unlocks rune slots and may improve its appearance. Enhance Varin’s Axe if you wish then exit the enhancement screen. Speak to Gunnar more if you wish or see what he has for sale. Once you are done exit the conversation to get the next quest objective.

Speak to Randvi

Leave the blacksmith’s and head south to the Longhouse. Outside this building you will encounter Randvi. Speak to her to unlock your DLC bonus items (if applicable). Once this conversation is complete you will need to switch over to the A Seer’s Solace questline.


Speak to Randvi Again

Once you’ve finished A Seer’s Solace you will need to return to Fornburg. Here you will need to speak to Randvi about the visions you received. Head into the Longhouse when prompted to trigger another cutscene featuring your meeting with Styrbjorn. After this meeting you will have completed the Family Matters quest. The next quest will begin called The Prodigal Prince.

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