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The first real open-world section of Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla takes place after the game’s opening sequence. You will take control of an older Eivor who has been captured. This will kick off the start of the mission called Honor Bound. To compelte this main story mission consult our Honor Bound guide below.

Quest Objectives

  • Find and rescue your crew.
  • Reach your longship.
  • Sail home to Fornburg.
  • Speak to Randvi.

Find and Rescue Your Crew

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When you take control of Eivor you will be located on a small island. On this island you will need to find and rescue your crew. To do this you will need to head to the north side of the island (see map above). Along the way there are a few points of interest you will want to check out.

High Point

The first point of interest is the High Point. This point is located on the high mountain peak just to the northeast of where you take control of Eivor. All you need to do here is climb to the top of the peak. Once there simply synchronize to unlock the peak as a fast travel point and highlight some other points of interest on your map.

After you’ve synchronized at the High Point head to the quest marker to encounter Dag. This will trigger a cutscene that will advance the main mission of Honor Bound. Once this cutscene is complete you will need to head into the nearby town called Avaidsnes.

Rikiwulf Boss Fight

To enter the town go along the exterior fence until you find a roof top you can climb up onto. Drop from the roof into the grass below. Follow the grass to the Longhouse in the center of town. Climb up the scaffolding on the exterior of the Longhouse and enter it via the hole on the top of the roof. Go to the ground floor to trigger a cutscene with Rikiwulf.

The fight with Rikiwulf is fairly straightforward and is a nice introduction to the game’s combat. Rikiwulf will charge you so simply dodge when he does. Punish his charge using either your bow or axe. Once Rikiwulf is defeated you will need to complete a short vision sequence. Simply follow the mysterious figure out of the Longhouse to do this. For defeating Rikiwulf you receive the Raven armor set and Varin’s Axe.

Once the fight is complete free your crew that are being held in the jail in the Longhouse. Upon freeing them you will receive the next quest objective which is to reach your longship which is located east of Avaidsnes.

Reach Your Longship

To reach your Longship leave the Longhouse and head to the east. While you are heading to the ship you will need to fight your way through a number of enemies that will spawn in. If you want the XP fight them all, otherwise simply run past them to your ship. Once you are in the ship you will be tasked with sailing to Fornburg. This location will be marked on your map.

Sail Home to Fornburg and Speak to Randvi

Sailing the Longship works exactly like previous games. Head out into the open water and activate your sail to speed up the process. There are a number of areas you can stop at to find wealth and other items so do that if you wish. Otherwise set a course for Fornburg until you reach it. Get off your ship and speak to Randvi on the dock.

Once you’ve spoken to Randvi you will have compelted the Honor Bound quest. This is the first quest of the game. Completing this quest earns you XP that will level up your Eivor. The next quests that can be started are Family Matters (Do First) and A Seer’s Solace.

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