Rude Awakening – Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

The next day after you’ve visited with Sigurd you will awake from your sleep by a noise. You will then head outside to find one of Kjotve’s spies. This sequence of events will kick off the next major story mission called Rude Awakening. To complete this mission use our Rude Awakening guide below.

Quest Objectives

  • Kill Kjotve’s Spy.
  • Find and Kill all of Kjotve’s Spies.
  • Reach Sigurd.
  • Pillage Kjotve’s Supplies.
  • Burn Supply Wagons.
  • Return to Sigurd.

Kill Kjotve’s Spy

Leave you hut and chase along after the spy as he escapes. When you catch up to him he will fight you. Defeat the spy to trigger a new objective involving killing a number of spies that are around Fornburg.

Find and Kill all of Kjotve’s Spies

The remianing spies can be found in a campsite just southwest of Fornburg. Make your way to this location and take out the two enemies in the campsite. Once these two enemies are dealt with you will need to head back to Fornburg.

Reach Sigurd

Head back to Fornburg and go to the dock area. Here you will find Sigurd and the king in debate over how to deal with Kjotve. Sigurd wants to attack and you will agree. After the cutscene board the Longship and sail. It’s pillaging time.

Pillage Kjotve’s Supplies (By Burning Supply Wagons)

Image showing the map location of the Rude Awakening mission.

Sail from Fornburg to the island to the west. Start the raid and head into the town. To complete this sequence you need to burn 5 supply wagons using your torch. These supply wagons are located throughout the town. Simply throw a torch on a wagon to cause it to explode (don’t get too close).

Once all 5 supply wagons have been burned make your way back to Sigurd on the dock. Here you will meet some allies that wish to help you as you fight Kjotve. After this exchange the quest will end and a new quest called A Cruel Destiny will begin in a new section of Rygjafylke.

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