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In Genshin Impact there is an event currently running called the Lantern Rite. This event features a number of quests for players to complete. One of the quests players can unlock and complete is The Origin of the Lanterns. To learn how to complete this quest use our The Origin of the Lanterns guide below.

Talk to Verr Goldet

Once you visit the Wanghin Inn and speak to Xiao you will trigger the first quest step to talk to Verr Goldet. To find Verr Goldet head upstairs and speak up to Verr Goldet the receptionist to learn about the Lantern Rite. Verr Goldet will tell you about the event and how it works. After this interaction you will get a new quest step to visit Liyue Harbor.

Visit Liyue Harbor and Speak to NPCs

Visit Liyue Harbor and speak to a variety of NPCs.

Make your way to Liyue Harbor and access the bridge to the north of the city. Here you will find a quest marker you can interact with. Walk up to the marker to trigger a cutscene. After this cutscene you need to talk to a number of NPCs:

  • Changchang is located next to Ji Tong.
  • Madame Ping is located to the east of Changchang next to the three chests.
  • Jiangzhou is located just down the road from Madame Ping.
  • Wang’ya near where Jianzhou is located.
  • Yi’nian is just down from Wang’ya.

After you talk to Yi’nian you will need to report back to Wang’ya. Do this now to advance to the next step to speak to Jingming. This character will teach you how to make Xiao Lanterns.

Crafting the Xiao Lantern will end this quest. Once the quest is finished you will unlock a couple of other quests including the Theater Mechanicus quest. This quest is a tower defense game mode offered by Ruijin in the Liyue Harbor.

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