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The second mission you need to complete as part of the Destiny 2: Beyond Light campaign is called The New Kell. This mission is given to you by Variks after you rescue him during Darkness’s Doorstep. To complete the second mission in this campaign we’ve put together this quick guide. Consult it to learn how to complete the different objectives in this mission Keep in mind the recommended power is 170.

Find and Stop Eramis

Once you’ve started The New Kell mission you need to interact with the flag outside where Variks is located. Interacting with this flag will start the mission which tasks you with reaching the Eventide Ruins. To reach this location summon your Sparrow and follow the quest markers until you reach the entrance to the ruins. Make your way inside and ride the lift up.

Clear the enemies in the first room to remove the barrier blocking you path forward. Continue forward into the no respawn area. This next section is fairly long. You will need to fight your way through a number of Fallen until you reach a bridge. Here you will fight a boss. Defeat the boss then turn off the barrier so you can enter the next building.

Inside the next building clear your way forward until your progress appears to be stopped. Variks will speak to you and a number of wretch will appear from a hallway on the platform above. Defeat the wretch then head down the hallway they came from to trigger a cutscene.

Escape Riis-Reborn

Image showing Phylaks, the Warrior.

After the cutscene you need to escape. This is easier said than done. Head back the way you came into the previous room (watch for wretch enemies that come up the hallway). In this room you will come face to face with Phylaks, the Warrior. This enemy is immune to all damage types so avoid it for now. Instead focus your efforts on fighting the Marauders in the room.

Once you’ve defeated the Maruaders the barrier on the door will disappear allowing you to exit the room. Outside clear out the enemies than run over the ship that is waiting for you. Stand under it to leave the mission. Back on Europa speak to Variks to get your reward. You can then start the next mission called Rising Resistance.

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