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The first mission you will need to complete when you launch Destiny 2: Beyond Light is called Darkness’s Doorstep. This mission places you on the planet of Europa where you must find distress signal sent by Varik. To help you complete this first mission use our Darkness’s Doorstep guide below.

Find Varik

After the opening cutscene you will take control of your Guardian. Walk or Sparrow you way forward through the ice field until you reach an old campsite. When you approach the site a number of enemies will appear. Clear the area then enter the tent. Scan the computer inside the tent with your Ghost. After it is scanned you will receive a new objective.

Reach the Signal’s True Origin Point

Leave the tent and head along the path leading to the north. Your progress forward will be halted by a shield. Wait for enemies to spawn in and clear them out. Once the enemies are cleared out the shield will disappear. This allows you to head further north into Charon’s Crossing.

When you have to ditch you Sparrow and jump up to the path above in Charon’s Crossing a cutscene will trigger. This cutscene shows Variks. After this cutscene you will need to move forward so you can attempt to Save Variks.

Save Variks

As the cutscene showed Variks is in a bit of trouble. Head forward into the next area. Here you will need to clear the enemies. Once the enemies are cleared head up onto the roof of the base. Clear out more enemies then free Variks from the ice by either shooting or meleeing it.

Once Variks is free more enemies will spawn in with a mech like enemy called a Brig appearing before you. Focus the Brig enemy and defeat it to have the other enemies despawn. Once the mech is defeated you will have completed the first mission of Destiny 2: Beyond Light. You can go into the building infront of you to speak to Variks. He will give you the next mission called Beyond Light which is broken up into 34 steps. The first step is to complete the mission called The New Kell.

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