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The third mission you need to complete in Destiny 2: Beyond Light is called Rising Resistance. This mission tasks you with completing a task to help strengthen the resistance and to investigate a mysterious artifact. These tasks take place without any combat so you can rest easy for this quest. To learn more about this mission consult our guide below.

Activate Secret Comms Network

Image showing one of the consoles used to activate the Secret Comms Network.

The first step in this quest is to activate 3 comms relays to turn on the secret comms network. These three relays are located around the building Variks is located inside. You need to access the three terminals and ‘hack’ them to get them up and running. The locations of the three are:

  1. Left when you leave the room Variks is in.
  2. Roof of building Variks is in.
  3. Near are spawn next to railing.

Upon activating these three relays you will receive a new objective about an artifact of Darkness that is nearby. We are going to be examining it.

Investigate the Crux of Darkness

The crux of Darkness appears next to the third relay we activated. To investigate it simply approach it and ‘commune’ with it. When you do this darkness will appear on you screen. After the darkness fades it will beckon to you. This triggers the next step which is called Darkness Beckons.

To complete the Darkness Beckons step simply follow the quest markers to Beyond Europa on foot or using your Sparrow. When you reach this location a cutscene will trigger with a monolith and the Exo Stranger. After this cutscene you will appear at the camp with some NPCs. Speak to the Exo Stranger to learn why they are on Europa. They will give you the next quest called Splinter of Darkness.

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