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Three missions into Destiny 2: Beyond Light is when you unlock your first taste of the stasis ability. At this point in the campaign the NPC called the Exo Stranger will appear. When you speak to this character for the first time they will task you with attuning the Splinter of Darkness in the Ziggurat. To learn more about this process check out our Splinter of Darkness guide below.

How to Attune the Splinter of Darkness

Once you receive the Splinter of Darkness from the Exo Stranger all you need to do is head over to the Ziggurat that is located in Beyond Europa. Jump on your Sparrow and head opposite the campsite to reach this location. Walk up the steps and use the first console to attune the Splinter of Darkness.

Commune with the Crux of Darkness in Nexus, Europa

After you interact with the first console a new mission will appear on your map. Head to the mission location by Sparrow and enter Nexus. Inside Nexus you will find the Crux of Darkness sitting there waiting. Commune with the crux to become Stasis empowered.

Stasis is the new ice ability that is introduced in Destiny 2: Beyond Light. While you are Stasis empowered you will have short cooldowns on all your abilities and super. This is good as when you commune a number of Vex will spawn with each waving getting progressively harder. Defeat all the waves then end the commune to advance to the next step.

Secure the Nearby Locked Chest

This next step is fairly straightforward. Follow the quest markers that lead to the chest in Nexus to the left of the Crux of Darkness. Since we are attuned we can now open them. When you open this chest you will receive a piece of old armor.

Head back to Variks and speak to him. Variks doesn’t approve of your new Stasis ability. He will still give you a reward though. Accept the item he gives and pick up his quest called Europa Legs if you feel like side missioning. If not you will have an active main story quest to defeat 35 Fallen in a single life. Head to the Eventide Ruins to start that quest.

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