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Once you’ve advanced a bit in the main campaign of Destiny 2: Beyond Light Variks will have a few side missions he can give you. One of the first missions he will have available for you comes after you’ve completed the Splinterer Darkness communion. If you talk to Variks at this point he will offer you Europa Legs a short little side mission. To learn how to complete this side mission use our guide below.

Where to Find Stasis-Sealed Chest in Bray Exoscience

Image showing Where to Find Stasis-Sealed Chest in Bray Exoscience on the map.

Make your way to the Bray Exoscience building on Europa (west side of Cadmus Ridge). Enter the building and make your through it until you reach the large lobby area with the sign that says Bray Exoscience in it.

In this lobby area face the sign and head to the right side of the room. You should see some ramps leading up. Go up the ramps and enter the upper room overlooking the lobby. In this room you will find the Stasis-Sealed Chest. Open the chest to get a piece of Aged Armor. Return to Variks and speak to him to receive your reward which is a pair of Crystocrene Strides (boots).

This completes the Europa Legs side mission. This is one of many side missions players can complete in the Beyond Light expansion. For more help with these missions consult our Destiny 2: Beyond Light guide and walkthrough.

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