The Lord of the Rings: Moria’s Return – PS5 Release Delayed

A screenshot from The Lord of the Rings Return to Moria game.

The upcoming co-op survival title, The Lord of the Rings: Moria’s Return, which is only a few days away from its October 24 release date, has hit a setback with the PS5 release delayed.

Both the PC and PlayStation 5 versions of the title were set for release on their respective platforms on October 24th. However, due to the delay, only the PC version will be launching exclusively on the Epic Games Store on the originally announced release date.

The game’s developers have now established December 5, 2023, as the new release date for the PlayStation 5 version. This release date applies to both the digital and physical versions of the title.

Developer Free Range Games expressed regret for the delay, explaining that it will provide them with the opportunity to “improve various aspects” of the PlayStation 5 version.

Despite the delay, Xbox fans will face an even lengthier wait for the title to arrive on their system. The Xbox version of The Lord of the Rings: Moria’s Return has not yet received a confirmed release date, but there is a tentative plan for an early 2024 launch.

The game’s core focus lies on crafting and exploration, promising an immersive experience. On the PC platform, it will support an eight-player co-op mode, while the PS5 version, at its launch, will feature four-player co-op. John Rhys-Davies, celebrated for his portrayal of Gimli in Peter Jackson’s cinematic adaptations, will be returning to reprise his iconic role as Gloin’s son.

In J.R.R. Tolkien’s Middle-earth, Return to Moria takes place during the Fourth Age, a mere 70 years after the ring’s destruction. Players assume the roles of a company of dwarves led by Gimli Lockbearer as they boldly explore the depths of Khazad-dûm, also known as Moria.



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