The Last of Us 2: The Shortcut Collectibles Locations Guide

During the Back to The Coast mission you will attempt to help some Scars that helped you. To help these Scars you ill need to acquire medical supplies to perform and amputation. To do this you will take shortcuts high up in the trees that lead to a hospital. While you are taking these shortcuts there are a number of collectibles you can grab. To help you get all of them here’s our TLOU 2 The Shortcut collectibles locations guide.

The Shortcut Collectibles List (11 Total)

  • Artifacts: 6.
  • Coins: 2.
  • Workbenches: 2.
  • Safes: 1.

Like most collectibles in this game you will want to grab them in the order they are listed below as you can very easily get gated from returning to an area. If for some reason you do miss a collectible you can replay a chapter from the Main Menu > Story > Chapters screen.

The Shortcut Artifact #1: Amputation Supplies Location

Mel gives you the Amputation Supplies (1/6) during the cutscene prior to the start of The Shortcut mission. When you gain control of Abby you will find this artifact in your backpack.

The Shortcut Coin #1: Nevada Location

Image showing The Shortcut Coin #1 Nevada Location.

Follow Lev into the forest until you reach the rapids. Head to the right of the rapids and enter the barber shop there. Inside the barber shop you will find the Nevada Coin (1/2) on the counter next to the cash register inside.

The Shortcut Artifact #2: Survivor Plea Location

Make your way up the rapids and enter the apartment building. Go upstairs into the apartment and look at the broken brown door to the right when you enter the apartment. Grab the Survivor Plea (2/6) from the ground here.

The Shortcut Artifact #3: Neighbor Exchange Location

After the first apartment building you will jump over to an overpass. You will then jump from that overpass into a second apartment building. On the table next to the white board in this building you will find the Neighbor Exchange (3/6) artifact.

The Shortcut Safe Location

In the same apartment as the collectible above you can enter the bedroom through the white door to the right of the table. Inside this bedroom is The Shortcut Safe. To open this safe (1/1) you need to enter the combination 30-23-04. Inside The Shortcut Safe you will find a collection of ammo and resources.

The Shortcut Artifact #4: Scavenging List Location

Image showing The Shortcut Artifact #4 Scavenging List Location.

Head through the apartment and go through the restaurant. After you exit the restaurant you will need to cross the river to reach the Interbay building. Cross the river and enter the Interbay building. Walk into the building and grab the Scavenging List (4/6) next to the body slumped against the front counter.

The Shortcut Workbench #1 Location

In the Interbay building head to the left of the front counter and go towards the left corner of the bottom floor to find The Shortcut Workbench (1/2) in the wireless store.

The Shortcut Coin #2: Colorado Location

Image showing The Shortcut Coin #2 Colorado Location.

Leave Interbay by heading up the stairs to the right of the front counter. Cross the river and enter the Optix building. When you enter the first room of this building look to the right for a missing window next to the photo of an eye. Drop out this window to land on an awning with the Colorado Coin (2/2) on it.

The Shortcut Artifact #5: Seraphite Truce Location

Image showing The Shortcut Artifact #5 Seraphite Truce Location.

Pass through the Optix building and enter the next large technologies building. Follow Lev through the building until he makes a jump and Abby calls him a ‘show off’. Turn left and enter room 808. Inside this room you will find the Seraphite Truce (5/6) note off the desk with the lantern on it.

The Shortcut Workbench #2 Location

Make your way through the tech high-rise until you reach the altar with wooden figure on it. After Lev prays at the altar head into the room to the right. On the right wall of this room is The Shortcut Workbench #2 (2/2) behind the ladder.

The Shortcut Artifact #6: Serapthite Orders Location

Image showing The Shortcut Artifact #6 Serapthite Orders Location.

Head up through the high-rise and ride the elevator up the Lev. Exit the elevator and head down the hallway. To the right of the first doorway you will find the Seraphite Orders (6/6) on the wall.

That’s all the collectibles you can find in The Shortcut level of The Last of Us 2. The next level to complete is called The Descent. This level features a number of collectibles.

Next Level: The Descent collectibles guide.

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