The Last of Us 2: The Flooded City Collectibles Guide

Image showing the The Flooded City Collectibles Guide

Our The Last of Us 2 The Flooded City collectibles guide will show you the locations of all the collectibles for this chapter. This means you will find every artifact, Trading Card, Journal Entry, and more if you follow the guide below. Let’s get started.

The Flooded City Collectibles List (12 Total)

  • Artifacts: 6.
  • Trading Cards: 2.
  • Journal Entries: 1.
  • Workbenches: 2.
  • Safes: 1.

Seff-L’Ho’Phaq Trading Card Location

Image showing the Seff-L’Ho’Phaq Trading Card Location.

Ride the boat into the building and down the waterfall to the gate that is shut. Park the boat and get out. Run back to the waterfall and enter the door there. Grab the Seff-L’Ho’Phaw Trading Card (1/2) from in the desk there.

Journal Entry 1 & Stash Note Locations

Image showing the Journal Entry 1 & Stash Note Locations.

By the gate head up the metal stair case to the left and enter the room at the top. Interact with the window to get the first Journal Entry (1/1). Turn to the left when facing the window and walk over to the corpse in the corner of the room. Grab the Stash Note (1/6) beside the body.

The Flooded City Safe Location

Image showing the The Flooded City Safe Location.

Head to the right of the window you got the Journal Entry from. Pull the wheeled cart out of the way to reveal a crevice you can crawl through. Jump through the window and drop down into the cage with The Flooded City Safe. To open the safe (1/1) use the combination 70, 12, 64.

Workbench Location

Image showing the Workbench Location in The Flooded City.

Open the gate and and continue on your way. As you travel you will see a sign on a building that says Manufacturing. Pull up to this sign and jump out of your boat onto the small patch of land with the two blue barrels on it. Go into building here to reach the Workbench (1/2).

Shambler Note Location

Image showing the Shambler Note Location.

Continue down the river and head to the Carthy Hotel. Go inside the hotel and look for a body on a stretch of land. Jump off the boat and grab the Shambler Note (2/6) off the crate.

Encampment Note Location

Image showing the Encampment Note Location.

Leave the Carthy Hotel and head down the river into the area with the WLF Soldiers and Seraphites fighting. Let them fight and sneak into the building the Seraphites are in. Make your way up to the second floor and kill any remaining enemies. Look for a room with a whiteboard and grab the Encampment Note (3/6) on the wall beside it.

Sniper’s Note Location

Image showing the Sniper's Note Location.

To the left of the Seraphites building you will find an old monorail on an island you can climb up through. Make your way up the monorail until your reach a dead end with a rope. Repel out the open door and swing over to the ledge there. Climb up into the next train cab and grab the Sniper’s Note (4/6) off the seat near the sniper’s corpse.

Arcade Flyer, Workbench, Khazakh Bright Trading Card, and Arcade Note Locations

Go through the Seraphites building and follow the water until you reach an Arcade. Go into the Arcade and search it for a number of collectibles:

  • Arcade Flyer: on table of red booth beneath burger poster (5/6).
  • Workbench: can found upstairs in the arcade area next to the Moto Flare arcade game (2/2).
  • Khazakh Bright Trading Card: in the Prize Booth after you fight the Bloater. Raise the shutter to access (2/2).
  • Arcade Note: Found on the wall of the PC Room. After you fight the Bloater (6/6).

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