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Once you’ve made it through The Forest in The Last of Us 2 you will arrive on The Coast. This level of the game is a bit more open than previous Abby levels which means you are free to explore. Given the open nature of the level there are a few more collectibles for you to grab. To find them all use our The Coast collectibles locations guide below.

The Coast Collectibles List (12 Total)

  • Artifacts: 3.
  • Coins: 4.
  • Workbenches: 1.
  • Safes: 1.
  • Training Manuals: 1.
  • Weapons: 1.
  • Gun Holster: 1.

Like most collectibles in this game you will want to grab them in the order they are listed below as you can very easily get gated from returning to an area. If for some reason you do miss a collectible you can replay a chapter from the Main Menu > Story > Chapters screen.

The Coast Workbench Location

From the trailer use the blue container to jump over the fence. Go inside the white door of the WPL building to find The Coast Workbench (1/1) as soon as you enter. This Workbench is along the path you need to take to advance the story.

The Coast Gun Holster Location

After the Workbench head into the next room. Inside this room there is a little office to the left. Go inside the office to find the Long Gun Holster on the desk there. This holster adds an additional long gun to your quick swap.

The Coast Coin #1: Alabama Location

Head out of the WPL building and into the container area behind it. Clear out or avoid the infected here then continue up the path leading into the overpass. After you climb up you should notice a car on its side. Next to this car is a corpse with the Alabama Coin (1/4) beside it.

The Coast Artifact #1: Infirmary Note Location

Image showing The Coast Artifact #1 Infirmary Note Location.

Complete the swimming sequence and make your way into the ferry. On the bottom floor after you enter take a right and head down to the Infirmary room. In this room on a cot next to a corpse you will find the Infirmary Note (1/3).

The Coast Weapon: Crossbow Location

Continue forward through the ferry and you will come across a door that is blocked by a corpse. Abby will push the door open and grab the crossbow off the corpse. This is unmissable as you have to head along this path to leave the ferry.

The Coast Artifact #2: Mutiny Note Location

Image showing the Mutiny Note Location on The Coast level.

Once you grab the crossbow ignore the stairs to your right and instead head down the hallway. At the end of the hallway is a cot with the Mutiny Note (2/3) on it.

The Coast Coin #2: West Virginia Location

Image showing The Coast Coin #2 West Virginia Location.

Head back to the stairs we ignored and go up them. Take a right at the top and take another right. Walk down the hall to the dead end to find some luggage and a stuffed bear. Next to the bear is the West Virginia Coin (2/4).

The Coast Safe Location (90-77-01)

Make your way to the Sun Deck of the ferry. On the Sun Deck head to the helm which houses the ships controls. Go through the hole in the wall to reach the safe. To open The Coast safe (1/1) use the combination (90-77-01). Inside the safe you will find the Training Manual: Ordnance (1/1) along with some supplies.

The Coast Artifact #3: Ferry Log Location

From the safe head to the other end of the ferry and go through the door that requires you to push it up. Through this door you will find the captain’s corpse in your path. Grab the Ferry Log (3/3) from next to it.

The Coast Coin #3: Utah Location

Next to the captain’s corpse there is a yellow ladder you can climb up. Climb up this ladder and turn round. Walk around the hole and head past the lookout/radar tower. Turn to the left and you will find the Utah Coin (3/4) on the ground next to a blue milk crate sitting on the other side of the lookout/radar tower.

The Coast Coin #4: Mississippi Location

Image showing The Coast Coin #4 Mississippi Location.

Continue forward until you reach the exterior of the Seattle Waterfront Aquarium. Outside the aquarium you will see a dolphin fountain. Jump into the water of this fountain to find the Mississippi Coin (4/4).

That’s all the locations of the collectibles in TLOU2 The Coast. Up next we have the mission called Return to the Coast. This mission is backtracking through The Coast area we completed once already. After this mission we pick up on collectibles once again during The Shortcut.

Next Mission: The Shortcut collectibles list.

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