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In this The Last of Us 2 Road to the Aquarium collectibles guide you will learn the locations of all the collectibles for this level. This means you will learn where to find this level’s Artifacts, Trading Cards, Journal Entries, and Workbenches. Note that you can replay this mission from the chapter select screen after you’ve completed it for the first time. This can be useful if you miss anything listed below.

Road to the Aquarium Collectibles List (10 Total)

  • Artifacts: 3.
  • Trading Cards: 4.
  • Journal Entries: 1.
  • Workbenches: 2.

Esquire Trading Card Location

Image showing the Esquire Trading Card Location.

When Ellie wakes up at the start of the level head back stage then make your way to the red stage curtain. Do not interact with the curtain, but instead turn to the left and grab the Esquire Trading Card (1/4) from the drawer under the microphone.

Tormenta Trading Card & Workbench Locations

Image showing the Tormenta Trading Card & Workbench Locations.

Meet up with Jesse and follow him until you reach the convention center. Break the glass to enter and make your way through the blue door that leads to a kitchen. On the otherside of the kitchen you will find a door with filing cabinet blocking it. Crawl under to reach a room with the Tormenta Trading Card (2/4) and Workbench (1/2) inside.

Garage Note Location

Image showing the Garage Note Location.

Press forward until you reach a flooded street you need to swim through. Swim through the water so you end up on the left side by a yellow hydrant. Get out here and enter the parking garage. Make your way through the parking garage until you reach a ledge with a body on it. Grab the Garage Note (1/3) from beside the body.

Tanager Trading Card Location

Image showing the Tanager Trading Card Location.

In the Bookstore head to the bottom floor and look for a cement pad being supported by bookshelves. Go under the slab to find the Tanager Trading Card (3/4) on one of the shelves.

Journal Entry & Bookstore Note Locations

Image showing the Mushroom journal Entry location.

Stay on the ground floor of the bookstore and look for the children’s section. Inside the children’s section there are some mushrooms. Interact with them to get a Journal Entry (1/1). To get the Bookstore Note (2/3) simply turn to the right of the mushrooms and grab it off the table there.

Textile Note Location

Image showing the Textile Note Location.

On the street where you fight the WLF soldiers and their dogs there is a building under construction (blue scaffolding). Go inside this building and head up the stairs in the back to reach a Textile Shop. On the wall between the windows looking out onto the street is the Textile Note (3/3).

Workbench Location

Head down the street from the Textiles store and look to your left for a building called Norkirk Cosmetics. Make your way over to this building by swimming under the objects in the water. Climb up the muddy slope and take a left at the mannequins. Keep walking along the rundown floor to reach the Workbench (2/2).

Tatuaje Trading Card Location

Image showing the Tatuaje Trading Card Location. T

To advance the story you and Jesse will travel from the Norkirk Cosmetics store to a neighboring building. As you walk through this building you will drop down into an area where you will jump over a shelving next to a mannequin torso. Jump over the shelving unit and turn immediately turn around to grab the Tatuaje Trading Card (4/4).

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