Borderlands 3: The Droughts Crew Challenges Guide

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The Droughts is one of the first zones you explore in Borderlands 3. In this area there are a total of five Crew Challenges for you to complete. To help you complete them use our The Droughts Crew Challenges guide below.

The Droughts Crew Challenges Locations Map

Image showing The Droughts Crew Challenges locations.

The map above highlights all the locations of the Crew Challenges in The Droughts. If you head to the circled locations you will find the respective Crew Challenge. For a more in depth look at each location, read the descriptions below.

Typhon Log 1: Overlooking Varkid Valley

Image showing the Varkid Overlook Typhon Log.

This Typhon Log is on the cliffside to the east of Varkid Valley. Inspect it to collect it.

Legendary Hunt: Lavender Crawly

Image showing completion of the Legendary Hunt: Lavender Crawly.

The Legendary Hunt for the Lavender Crawly can be found inside the Varkid Valley area of The Droughts Zone. Defeat this creature to receive a nice reward from Sir. Hammerlock.

Dead Claptrap #1: Super 87 Racetrack

Image showing the Super 87 Racetrack  Dead Claptrap.

You can find the Dead Claptrap that has the Gyroscopic Rotor along the east edge of the Super 87 Racetrack. Look for the Claptrap hanging from a magnet.

Typhon Log #2: Near Eridian Dig Site

Image showing the Typhon Log near the Eridian Dig Site.

This Typhon Log can be found to the east of the entrance to the Eridian Dig Site. The Typhon Log is sitting on a mound in the middle of a Skag den.

Dead Claptrap #2: Near The Droughts – Highway Fast Travel Station

Image showing the Dead Claptrap that has the Motor.

Just southwest of The Droughts – Highway Fast Travel Station is a wrecked car. On the hood of the wreck is the Dead Claptrap which has the Motor.

Typhon Log #3: Dahl Orbital Control

Image showing the Dahl Orbital Control Typhon Log.

This Typhon Log can be found in the area called the Dahl Orbital Control. You will go here during the story mission where you are getting the ship ready for takeoff. It is on the northeast cliffside.

Typhon Dead Drop: Dahl 3rd Brigade Memorial Dam

Image showing The Droughts Typhon Log Dead Drop.

Note: If you go to the dam without gathering the logs, the chest is locked.

Once you’ve collected all three of the Typhon Logs above, Tannis will triangulate the location of a Typhon Dead Drop. This dead drop is of a large weapons chest located in the Dahl 3rd Brigade Memorial Dam. Open the chest to receive a number of weapons.

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