Borderlands 3: Ascension Bluff Crew Challenges Guide

After The Droughts area you will end up in a new area called Ascension Bluff. In this area there are a total of six Crew Challenges for players to complete. To help you complete these challenges, use our Ascension Bluff Crew Challenges guide below.

Ascension Bluff Crew Challenges Locations Map

Image showing the Ascension Bluff Crew Challenges locations map.

The map above shows you the locations of each Crew Challenge for the Ascension Bluff area on Pandora. If you need further clarification on each location, check out the descriptions below.

Crimson Radio: Ascension Bluff Broadcast Tower

Image showing the computer on top of the Ascension Bluff Broadcast Tower.

As you head north from The Droughts entrance, you will see a radio tower to the west. Make your way over to this tower and climb up it to reach the computer there. Interact with the computer to sabotage it.

Legendary Hunt: Skrakk

Image showing the Skrakk

From the tower above head to the northeast to reach a Skag den. In this Skag den area you will encounter Skrakk. Skrakk is a Legendary Hunt. Defeat Skrakk to receive a nice reward from Sir. Hammerlock.

Typhon Log #1: Backwash Creek

Image showing the Backwash Creek Typhon Log.

Just north of where you fought Skrakk is a Typhon Log on a cliffside in the Backwash Creek.

Hijack Target: Outrunner’s Heavy Armor

Image showing the Outrunner's Heavy Armor hijack target

Hijack Target involves highjacking a vehicle then driving it to a Catch-A-Ride. For this Hijack Target you need to steal the Outrunner located at the spot marked on the map above. To drive the Heavy Outrunner away you first need to open the gate. Simply follow the power cable to the gate switch and use it to open the gate.

Typhon Log #2: Near Path of Sacrifice

You will find this Typhon Log on a cliffside near the Path of Sacrifice.

Typhon Log #3: Near Spit Respite

Image showing the Typhon Log near Spit Respite.

The final Typhon Log is located on the eastside of the main road leading up to the Holy Broadcast Center.

Typhon Dead Drop: Inside Shipping Container

Image showing the Typhon Log inside a shipping container.

Note: If you go to the here without gathering the logs, the chest is locked.

Once you’ve collected all three of the Typhon Logs, the Typhon Dead Drop will unlock. It can be found inside a shipping container to the west of the entrance to the Holy Broadcast Center.

Dead Claptrap: Path of Sacrifice

Image showing the location of the Dead Claptrap along the Road of Sacrifice.

Along the road leading up the the Holy Broadcast Center you will find the Dead Claptrap on a post beside a shipping container. Climb on top of the shipping container to grab the Supermax Deluxe 3d Surround Sound System.

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