The Division 2 West End SHD Tech Cache Locations

One of the laster areas you will visit in The Division 2 is the West End. This area is for high levels and features a number of activities as well as SHD tech caches to collect. Below you will find the West End SHD tech cache locations.

West End SHD Tech Cache Locations Map

West End SHD Tech Cache Locations Map

There are a number of SHD tech caches located throughout the area of the West End. These caches can be collected by you to purchase things like Skills and Perks. Check out the map above for a general idea of where each cache is. Read the corresponding number below to get more information on each location.

Note: To unlock the SHD locations on your own map, access The Attic Safe House and interact with the agent’s computer found inside.

1. On Rooftop by Solar Panels

To reach this SHD cache you need to go down into the parking lot on the southside of the building; climb the cube truck along the wall; jump up to the ledge and walk along it so you are looking down into the area with the ladder. Shoot the lock on the door here then jump down and go into the room with the ladder. Climb both ladders to reach the roof with the SHD cache.

2. Top of Staircase

Top of Staircase

You can access this SHD by making your way north on 25th St NW. As you are running down the street, look for an ambulance underneath an open window. Climb on top of the ambulance and enter the window. Take the stairs all the way up to find the SHD cache.

3. Underground: In Room By Large Room

Underground In Room By Large Room

This SHD is located underground. You will need to access it via one of the Underground Entrances by Virginia Ave NW. Once you are underground make your way to the large room and there is a small room off of it with the SHD cache inside.

4. Warehouse on Pier

Warehouse on Pier

You can find this SHD inside the warehouse on the Pier. To access the SHD, open the garage door on the southwest side of the building (blue tarp right of it) and go inside to find the cache.

5. Underneath Bridge to Dark Zone West

Underneath Bridge to Dark Zone West

This last SHD cache is located underneath the bridge leading to Dark Zone west. There is a room underneath the bridge with the cache inside.

That’s all the SHD tech caches in the West End area of The Division 2. These collectibles can be used to buy Perks and Skills to make your agent stronger. Check out the locations of more collectibles in our The Division 2 collectibles guide.

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