The Division 2 Foggy Bottom SHD Tech Cache Locations

Foggy Bottom SHD Tech Cache Locations Map

At level 21 you will be able to explore the area known as Foggy Bottom. In this area there area a few SHD Tech Caches to collect. This guide will show you the Foggy Bottom SHD Tech cache locations.

Foggy Bottom SHD Tech Cache Locations Map

Foggy Bottom SHD Tech Cache Locations Map

In Foggy Bottoms there are five SHD Tech caches for you to collect in the world. I omitted the main story mission (which rewards 10 SHD) as you need to complete it. Check out the map above for general locations and consult the corresponding number below for a more thorough description.

Note: If you want the SHD Tech cache locations to appear on your map, access the Truman Safe House and interact with the agent’s computer found inside.

1. In Fenced Area by Shipping Crates

In Fenced Area by Shipping Crates

To reach this SHD, walk past it to the north and you will see a large open gate. Go through the gate then hang a right. There is a pile of shipping containers. Look for one that is open. Climb through and drop down into the fenced area. Grab the SHD.

2. Inside Locked Mechanical Room

Inside Mechanical Room

On the west side of the building there is a locked door to the mechanical room. Shoot the lock and head inside to reach the cache.

3. In Parking Lot by Tree

In Parking Lot by Tree

To reach this SHD cache you need to climb up an awning and over a roof at the coordinates of 1544 N and 1531. Once you climb over this roof you will go down a ladder into a parking lot. On the north end of the parking lot is a tree with the cache beside it.

4. In Fenced Area by Tree

In Fenced Area by Tree

Walk along the fenced in area until you find a Dunkerrs truck by a hole in the fence. Climb the truck and drop through the hole to reach this SHD tech cach.

5. In Parkade of Apartment Building

In Parkade of Apartment Building

To get this SHD tech cache, open the Parkade door on the westside of the building and head down the ramps. Walk down the ramp and you should see the SHD cache in front of you.

That’s all the SHD tech caches in the Foggy Bottom area of The Division 2. These collectibles can be used to buy Perks and Skills to make your agent stronger. Check out the locations of more collectibles in our The Division 2 collectibles guide.

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