The Division 2: Target Venus Guide

In the new expansion for The Division 2 Massive introduced the new gameplay mechanic called seasons. Seasons release new content each Tuesday that add new events to the title. These events take on many forms including the likes of leagues, Polarity Switches, and targeted hunts. The first addition made in Season 1 was the Bounty Hunts and we now have a second one to find called Target: Venus event. To help you complete this event, use our Target Venus guide below.

Note: You can claim the Season 1 pass if you own WONY by accessing the Store > Add-ons > Season 1 Pass.

Complete All Four Venus Investigations

Image showing all the Venus investigations in The Division 2.

Venus is the second of four targets you will need to investigate in order to find the Prime Target called Jupiter. Each target of the investigation will be released as the season progresses. To find Venus you need to complete the following investigations:

  • Downtown East.
    • 4 Control Points.
    • 1 Bounty.
    • Grand Washington Hotel.
  • Federal Triangle.
    • 1 Control Points.
    • 1 Bounty.
    • Jefferson Trade Center.
    • ViewPoint Museum.
  • Judiciary Square.
    • 2 Control Points.
    • 1 Bounty.
    • District Union Arena.
  • The Pentagon.
    • The Pentagon.
    • DARPA Research Labs.

To complete the following investigations head to Washington D.C. Here you will find these events marked with yellow hearts on your map. The only requirement for these investigations is to complete them on Normal or above difficulty. Do all four area investigations to advance to the second portion of the Venus Manhunt.

Where to Find Venus Bounty (Venus’s Cell)

Image showing Where to Find Venus Bounty (Venus's Cell).

Once you’ve done the investigations listed above you will receive the Bounty for Venus. To activate this bounty make your way to Otis Sykes in the White House to access bounties. On the Otis map you will see a bounty called Venus’s Cell. Select this bounty, head to the Downtown East area, and kill Venus.

For defeating Venus you receive 25% towards the investigation of Jupiter; various loot; and a 2x the experience. Not bad for a days work. If you’ve completed all four Bounty Hunts up to this point you will have unlocked the final hunt for Target: Jupiter. This target can be found on Roosevelt Island.

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