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The final hunt in the Shadow Tide season pass for The Division 2 is for the Prime Target Jupiter. Before getting this final target you will need to hunt four lower targets. Once the final bounty hunt is unlocked you will get the reward of the EMP Sticky Bomb for defeating Jupiter. To help you complete this final season hunt use our Prime Target Jupiter guide below.

How to Get the Prime Target Jupiter Bounty Hunt?

Image showing how to get the Prime Target Jupiter bounty hunt in The Division 2.

Before you can hunt the final target, Jupiter, you first need to complete four bounty hunts as part of the Manhunt. These bounty hunts are part of the Shadow Tide season. The four hunts were released over the course of the season and feature hunts for the following targets (click links for guide):

  1. Neptune.
  2. Saturn.
  3. Venus.
  4. Mercury.

Once you’ve hunted all of the targets listed above you will trigger the final hunt with the Prime Target Jupiter. This target can be found in the Roosevelt Island Stronghold.

Where to Find and Defeat Jupiter

Image showing where to find and defeat Jupiter in Roosevelt Island.

After you’ve unlocked the Jupiter Manhunt head to the Roosevelt Island Stronghold. Ensure the Stronghold is set to at minimum normal and head through it. As you play through the Stronghold you will notice some new objectives. Complete these new objectives (as you would in any Stronghold) and head to the end of the Stronghold which is the Docks area.

In the Docks area you will need to make your way onto the boat where there is a special EMP device. Get close to the device to be able to damage. Once the device is destroyed Jupiter will appear. Defeat Jupiter and loot the body to receive the new skill Sticky Bomb EMP.

What Does the Sticky Bomb EMP Do

Image showing the Sticky Bomb EMP in The Division 2.

The Sticky Bomb EMP is a Sticky Bomb Skill you unlock from defeating Jupiter. Once you have this skill you unlock the ability to use your Sticky Bomb in the following manner:

“The Sticky Bomb Launcher EMP variant shoots an adhesive payload that disrupts the target continuously. It can be remote detonated to create a large EMP blast.”

When shot at an enemy the Sticky Bomb EMP enemies are afflicted with the Disrupt status effect. This effect causes enemies to stagger and makes their skills useless for a short period of time.

That’s all you need to know about the final Shadow Tides bounty hunt for Jupiter. Complete this bounty hunt to get the Sticky Bomb EMP to add to your agent’s arsenal. Like other skills this ability must be equipped to use on your agent.

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