The Duke Guide – The Dark Pictures: Man of Medan

After you complete the Chinese Market prologue of The Dark Pictures Anthology: Man of Medan you will begin the game. The game starts with the chapter called The Duke. In this chapter we meet the cast of the game and do a little conversing. Use our The Duke guide to set yourself on the path to the best ending of the game where all characters survive.


  • There are no collectibles in this chapter.
  • Choices made in this chapter do impact the outcome of the game.

The Duke Level

Image showing The Duke starting image from The Dark Pictures: Man of Medan.
The mission starts with the group getting on a fishing boat.

When you start The Duke chapter you will be in control of Brad. Brad will talk with two characters during this chapter as they prepare to embark on a diving trip.

Brad talking with Alex on boat (order of responses):

  1. Resentful: “I had to work.”
  2. UNEASY: “Not good with people” 
  3. EMPATHETIC: “Must be tough” 
  4. SENTIMENTAL: “Go with your gut” – Unlocks the Proposal bearing.

Once you are done speaking with Alex, Conrad and Julia will appear. Brad will briefly speak with Conrad.

Brad talking to Conrad (order of responses):

  1. RELAXED: “Yeah, cool!” 
  2. GLOOMY: “Never” 

Once you are done talking with Conrad a final member of the party will pull up named Fliss. Fliss is the captain of the boat. Fliss wants to set off which is what she does. This ends the chapter and starts the next chapter called Wreck.

This guide is part of our The Dark Pictures: Man of Medan walkthrough and guide hub. Visit this page to see all available guides we have for this game including collectibles and other unlocks.

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