Chinese Market Guide – The Dark Pictures: Man of Medan

At the start of The Dark Pictures: Man of Medan you will playthrough a brief prologue. This brief prologue takes place in a different time that has no impact on the events of the game. To help you navigate the sequence, check out our Chinese Market guide below.

Chapter Notes:

  • There are no collectibles in this chapter.
  • Choices made in this chapter have no impact on the game.
  • There is a Trophy/Achievement you can unlock during this chapter.

Chinese Market

Image showing the Chinese Market The Dark Pictures: Man of Medan beginning.
Starting the first mission.

When you start the prologue you will take control of a Joe in a Chinese Market. During this opening scene Joe visits a fortune teller.

Joe speaking to Fortune Teller choices:

  • Curious: “Tell me about my son.”
  • Dubious: “Will I be Rich?”
  • Say Nothing.

Select whichever response you like since this opening has no bearing on your game. Once you select you response you will be forced to choose between two items:

  • Dragon Tile.
  • Bamboo Tile.

Again select whichever item you desire. Once you’ve selected a tile you will be able to pick it up and inspect it. Once you’ve inspected the tile return it to the table. After the scene concludes Joe will wander over to his friend and will take part in a Karate challenge (possible achievement/trophy).

Achievement: Karate Master

Image showing the Karate Master achievement.
Unlocked the Karate Master Trophy.

To unlock this achievement you need to successfully win the Karate Challenge. This challenge involves inputting various QTEs as the Karate dummy get progressively faster. Once you’ve successfully completed the circuit the achievement will unlock.

After the Karate challenge Joe and his friend wander out of the Chinese Market and head towards the ship.

War Ship

Image showing what lurks on the War Ship.
Strange creatures on the ship.

On the War Ship the military is loading a number ominous boxes. Joe and his friend wander drunkenly onto the deck and get into a bit of a fight. This fight is quickly broken up by another soldier who knocks Joe out cold. Both Joe and his friend are taken below deck.

A little time passes and Joe wakes up on the ship below deck. Those boxes that were loaded are causing some problems. Once you gain control of Joe open the locker and grab the key off the corpse that falls out. Use the key to leave your bunk room. Walk down the hallway the only direction you can travel.

As you travel down the hallway you will open a closed door on your right which lets your friend out. Walk with your friend to trigger a QTE. Pass or Fail doesn’t matter. Continue down the hallway until you reach a closed door. Complete the QTE to get inside the room. Head forward until you reach the cargo area. Walk through the cargo area to find a number of dead soldiers. This will trigger a cutscene and end Joe and the chapter.

After the Chinese Market mission is complete you will see a number of cutscenes. At the conclusion of these cutscene the first real chapter of the game, The Duke, will begin. Alternatively, see more guides in our The Dark Pictures: Man of Medan walkthrough and guide hub for more help.

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